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  1. I was diagnosed this year in May, and 4 months later have found the strength to realize that I am a very lucky soul. All my life all I have ever truly wanted is a good man. But I guess sleeping with one way too early can still damage a future with one, and now my herpes is going to give me the strength to hold back, and wait becuase I do not want to be hurt for disclosing way too early just to have a deeper connection. Before finding this site, I was scared of "the talk" and knew I would have to face it sooner or later. Watching the video about it shed new light on my herpes and what good it will actually do instead of harm. I found herpes shameful even though I know I didn't do anything wrong, I just felt like damaged goods and felt like that's how some guys will see me. And yes, there will be that small percentage that will, but after reading the statistics of herpes, I've felt a weight lifted off my shoulders. Found a little hope in knowing that I am not alone. I pray for a cure soon, becuase I know there are men and women that are living in the dark because of herpes, I've been there and know what it is like to feel like there is no hope. I believe I took back my life last night, and wanted to appreciate everyone here for their stories and positive energy. And to those who are in the dark, the light can come faster then you think if you take a moment to look around and realize that more than half of the human population is on the same boat. :)
  2. Ok, so I joined the site late last night, and I still have the note at the bottom of my screen to confirm my email address and ive already done so, yet its still there, even now... I have confirmed twice. must just be a glitch but its kind of annoying... Anyone know how to get rid of it??
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