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  1. Thanks for the support. This is what my friend was saying to me. It's just nice to hear it from others.
  2. Thanks for the support. I guess having hsv does kinda filter out the dbags. Cause if you really do care and like me for me then what I have shouldn't matter. I'm just waiting on that someone I guess.
  3. Yes! I have to agree. This is not the first time I had to have the talk. But at least with the first guy he was straight forward and said he couldn't deal with that. I respected him for that. But it's hard to open up to someone knowing that your putting your business out there. He did the ultimate betrayal and used it against me.
  4. So I was talking to this guy I have liked him for a long time. I recently found out I have hsv 2. Since I had known him for so long I thought he would understand better, because he knew me before all this. To say the least he is uneducated as most people are on this topic. And I waited a couple of weeks before I told him because I wanted to make sure it was going somewhere. Its not like I want to walk up and say hey I have hsv want sleep with me. At first he said it was cool and then he threw it in my face later when we were in an argument. Saying I was keeping secrets and I neglected to tel
  5. O.k. I am in struggle with this whole hsv situation. Would love to find someone I can talk to. Guy or girl I don't just as long as your honest.
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