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  1. A few years back someone else made a similar post about Valtrex. Their doctor switched them over to acyclovir which turned out to be much better. I know you stated you wanted to stay away from antivirals, but if you cannot find an alternative to your liking acyclovir is an option.

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  2. I didn't really date much in the decade after I got herpes. The one woman I did go out with mentioned she got cold sores before we ever dated. When I told her I got them at a lower latitude it didn't phase her. We always used condoms during sex.

    I met my wife in a herpes chat room back during the heyday of AOL, so the cat was more or less out of the bag from the get go.

    I would just say know your facts and be honest. Trust your gut if you have any doubt about the person you are disclosing to.

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  3. Between 1987-1989 I had three swab tests done and all came back negative. Was in the military at the time and they would not do a swab test. After the last negative test I actually got to talk to a doctor instead of just a corpsman. After extensive questioning the doctor said that despite the negative result he believed I in fact had herpes. According to him approximately 30% of cases will test negative. He gave me my first prescription for acyclovir and it was effective.

    About 7 years ago I found this site and was inspired to finally attempt to have a blood test done.  At my next appointment she ordered the test. A day or two later the results came back negative for HSV1 but positive for HSV2. It is good to have conclusive results no matter the outcome.

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  4. I had 3 false negative swabs. I was in the military when I got it and at that time they would not do a blood test for herpes. 27 years later I had an IgG that confirmed HSV2. So it is possible to have a false positive also. As for the IgG, if it is still negative after 16 weeks chances are good it is not herpes. Have you been to more than one doctor or clinic? If not you may need another opinion. You may have to try an Infectious Disease specialist or maybe a dermatologist.

    As for HPV, as I understand it there is not really an effective method to test men for it. Usually, warts are the common symptom a man will show for HPV, if he shows any symptoms at all. Of course, consult your doctor about this. If what you have is not herpes it would still be nice to know what is going on.

    Best of luck to you Robdarko


  5. Hello and welcome, 

    I've donated plasma for about five years and I've never had a problem with outbreaks. As a matter of fact I just started an outbreak today, my first one since July 2015. You say you believe you've had it three months. Outbreaks can be frequent for the first six months to a year. I know they were for me. Antivirals may help stop them. Talk to your doctor, a prescription may help cut down on the outbreaks.

  6. I’m not entirely sure. Terri Warren could probably give you a good answer. She has over 30 years experience studying and treating herpes. She has a forum of her own that you can ask questions.

    You might also try retesting again in a month or two and see if there is any differences in the results. I’m an oddball in the fact I’ve had three different outbreaks swabbed and they all came back negative. After 27 years I had an IgG that came back 5.0 which is a pretty definite positive. Wish testing was more reliable but it is not.

  7. The IgM is worthless. Throw out those results. The IgG is more reliable. That being said the IgG is not full proof. If the results are 3.5 or below and you’ve never shown physical signs of herpes there is a 40% chance of a false positive. The Western Blot is even more definitive. You’ll have to pay out of pocket for it. Google Terri Warren of the Westover Hieghts clinic. She can set you up for the test. She is one of the foremost authorities on herpes and can answer your questions.

    Good luck!

  8. About four or five years ago the human trials on Pritelivir were suspended because of issues that came up in the animal trials. As you can imagine there was disappointment in the h community. I’m very happy to see that those issues seem to have been resolved.


    This article covers a little bit about that issue.

  9. My first outbreak was the worst. Never had one that bad since. Over the years some outbreaks would be a little more severe than others. I'm 31 years down the herpes road now. I have not had an actual outbreak since July 2015. I have the occasional prodome but they don't seem to result in a full blown outbreak these days. (knocking on wood) So, yes, things will get better over time.

  10. I have a vague memory of another person on this site that got outbreaks on a foot. His foot became infected before his antibodies built up. I believe it was @harrytheherp. I'm not having luck with the search function in finding any of his old posts. Its been a few years since he last posted. Hopefully someone here more tech savvy than me can find them.

  11. If her level was 3.5 or below there is a 40% chance the result is a false positive. From what you described this sounds like a possibility. Also, what test did they use? If it was the IgM test it is worthless, get retested with the IgG. If it was the IgG I would retest again in a month or two. 

    Google Terri Warren. She used to run the Westover Heights clinic which was one of the top herpes clinics around. There is a Test called the Western Blot which is the most accurate test available. It will cost some money out of pocket, I believe Quest Labs does it. Anyways, try to contact Terri Warren, she may still be able to show you the way to getting it.


    Good for you for doing some research. Looks to me she has a good friend in you. If she is truly positive a relationship is still possible. Read thru the success stories. Hopefully she is reading the forum and doing research of her own.

  12. As a 31 year veteran now I think its safe to say most everyone goes thru a period of obsession. I know I did. One of the biggest things that helped me get passed it was finding a local support group. Meeting others in the same boat really helped. You've already taken a step in that direction by finding this forum. Many who have gone before you have shared their stories here. Read as many as you can, you will probably be able to identify with many.

  13. I got herpes 30 years ago and over the course of the first couple of years I had 3 different outbreaks swabbed. They all came back as negative, yet the outbreaks kept coming. I was in the military at the time and they would not do a blood test. In 2014 I finally asked my doctor about getting an IgG. She ordered it up and it came back positive for HSV2.


    I'd like to add my congratulations on the weight loss. Been there done that myself, more than once. I'm back to where I need to start losing again. My will power can be rather weak. I may be close to a major change in life so hopefully I will find some major inspiration.

  14. I would usually get a blister or two and lots of itching. In the last 9 years is when I've noticed a considerable drop in frequency. It happens to coincide with a major reduction of stress in my life. I worked outdoors for 16 years in all weather conditions from the blistering heat of summer to the freezing cold of winter. The time I was prescribed famvir was during a particularly intense summer heat wave. I got the outbreak, then with the heat I sweat so much that at the end of the day I had to peel my clothes off. Being constantly wet for hours on end is not good for the sores. After my first outbreak that was definately the worst one I ever had.


    I would say, at least in my case, reducing stress is the best thing you can do. Unfortunately most of the time that is something easier said than done.

  15. I'm a 30 year veteran at this point. Got HSV2 at age 20. Outbreaks were fairly routine early on. Took suppressive dosage of acyclovir for a few months back in 1990 and had zero outbreaks during that time. About 5 years later I had a rather prolonged and intense outbreak. The doctor prescribed famvir but it didn't seem to help. I went back and he prescribed acyclovir and the outbreak cleared right up.


    I had a rather physically stressful job for 16 years so outbreaks were fairly common, I'd say every 3 or 4 months. Most of the time they were mild and not to much of a nuisance.

    Nine years ago I transferred into a job that is not stressful at all and the outbreaks have really dwindled away. It has now been just over 2 years since my last outbreak.

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