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  1. Today I am thankful for the continual eye opening of just how much I have to be thankful for. For the "riches" in my life that I have taken for granted and for the trials in my life that have been opportunities to make me stronger and connect with who I really am. I have two beautiful children who have challenged me in ways that have made me stronger and more accepting and loving, I have a wonderful supportive family who remain strong in the face of heartaches and trials, and I have faith and belief and hope that continues to grow and evolve. I am thankful for the provision that meets me eve
  2. Thank you for all of the wonderful and honest posts here on this thread. Lelani what a beautiful quote!! I relate to it so well - going through a season of loss and death of a dream (having a marriage restored) to being alone again and dealing with H rearing itself in an aggressive manner after so many years of having it (26). That in itself has brought back the taunting that it owns me, that it defines me, that it controls me.... but I know better! Even though it is easy to relate to what Brenda said ... that it is a big dark smear on my soul ... exactly how it feels at times when it wreaks
  3. Hi Alyssa - thank you for this post! I have been experimenting with the essential oils myself. Having had H for over 26 years, it has really reared its aggressive side with me over the past three years - in frequency and duration. Unfortunately not what I had hoped for since most sites say it diminishes over the years. However, I am a warrior and will press on with a good fight! I have always been one to want the natural route, and after succumbing to trying Valacylovir for a year with no added benefit, I am back to assisting my body only naturally. I have used tea tree, oregano, and coco
  4. Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I have had H for 26 years and have given birth naturally (no c-section) to two children. I had H for several years prior to having children, and had even had an OB during pregnancy. My doctors never reacted as though it was any big concern and both of my children were born fine and still are 18 years later. Even with H you can still fulfill your dreams of having children. Being aware of your body and in the event of an OB, there is always the option of a c-section to protect the baby from contact. For me, I find that the emotions around H ebb an
  5. Just wanted to pop in to encourage you that your hopes and dreams are not over because of herpes. I have lived with it for 26 years, have not passed it to anyone that I am aware of, have been married twice (did not pass it), and have two children (natural childbirth). You will not be alone forever!!! Do not let herpes consume you - I know that can be hard when you just find out or are in the midst of an episode. I love what FlyGal said about re-framing your thoughts and words - awesome advice. It is so true that it is just a skin condition and an occurrence and best to be kept in that persp
  6. Hi! I just found this site last night - great idea. I have lived with herps for 26 years after getting it from my first intimate relationship at 19. I have two children and have been married twice - and to my knowledge have not passed this on. I have been through the emotional roller coaster of dealing with this and still ride it occasionally. I have always been one to disclose and know the stress, pain, and benefit of that. It has become a bit more aggressive over the last three years and am now battling to suppress with meds. Being in a relationship, I can't say that I don't stress over e
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