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  1. Hi- I'm about to enter my 7th week of an awful outbreak of HSV1/genital. The strange thing is that it has been over 6 years since I have had any outbreak at all. I have not taken any suppressive medication in over 6 years as well. To be honest, I totally forgot that I even had this. The first outbreak was quite painful and took about 2 Months to clear. The only thing I can think of that made it come back was that I had taken prednisone for a 4-week period to help deal with a stomach issue (it helped). I notice one little sore and then a few weeks later, it erupted into a full-blown outbreak. I did see me doctor and was prescribed Valtrex 500mg 2x a day but it has done noticing. After 4 weeks of an outbreak, I went in for testing of HIV, Lyme, HSV2 and every other std there is. All came back negative. I'm quite worried that although it has been 3 months since I have been off of the prednisone, it has permanently woken this thing up and now it won't go back into hiding. I will be seeing my doctor again tomorrow. Has anyone heard of this happening? Could there be any other fungal or bacterial infections that it causing this outbreak to linger? I did have a partner when my initial outbreak occurred all those years ago. Now I am single and going through this alone. Any words of encouragement would be appreciated.
  2. Anyone in the Rhode Island/Mass area?
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