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  1. Hi @JulianT and @WCSDancer2010, well this post is a long long long time ago. I was just pissed of at that day, that's all. Dancer I do take Valtrex but people with crohn disease cant fight the virus, like people with normal health.....statistic don't count for people like me. You cant find love when you cant control the virus at least a bit, which is my case not possible. I have it since 3 years, I tried a lot of stuff but it don't work because crohn is a really strong disease, which put your immune system most of the time down. I learned to live with my situation and I am f
  2. yep have both. Had a blood test after one year of my first genital OB .Just done it because I wasn't sure if I had version 2 too. swab not needed. I get a lot of OB and that's 100 percent herpes. lucky me :)
  3. I can clear my case...I got it by genital not oral sex ...I am quit sure but who knows.
  4. Hi @ann122 well I had HSV 1 Oral since I am 8 so over 25 years. Yep I did have antibody's that for sure. but on the other hand I have to say that I have quite strong autoimmune disease which make me weaker then other people. As I said the chance to get it genital is super low....don't worry to much .
  5. Hi Mani9783, I guess you know the answer to your question already yourself :) Of course you will need to disclose to her. don't start a relationship with lies and secrets....the will bite you in the ass at one point :) But there is one good news for both of you. The chance that a person with oral herpes 1 gets genital 1 is just by 2 percent. But there is a chance because I am the prove. She was from beginning honest with you, so please do the same. You care about her ...so tell her how much you care and like her and just be honest. I am really sure ,if she care the same about you she
  6. Hi yep its absolutely normal. usually the OB is on the same spot but I get OB on different locations.....H just chose one area more often then the other......what a strange virus it is, have his fucking own mind :)
  7. Hi, well I do have H1 oral since over 20 years and the chance to get it genital was just by 2 percent but I was one of the unlucky ones of that statistic :( . Usually people with H1 have less issues but it always deepens on your immune system. I had quit a lot of issues in the last years but that's because I have a auto immune sickness, if you are usually a healthy person you shouldn't have to much problem with it...cant promise you that it will not come back but maybe you lucky and your body deal with it quit well.....you will need to be patient and see what will happen in the next month.
  8. Hi, well the period is such a big trigger but it will get better with the time, just make sure not to shave at that time......the hormones' run crazy and you have to be more careful but your body will get used to it if you are usually a healthy person. Things get better..be patient.
  9. Hi, well I don't get flue symptom's, I just get this little itchy feeling at the beginning and this get then more and more and more. After that it start to burn on the site I will get an OB, the lymph nodes start to swell and hurt when the OB is already there... the pain in that area stay for 2-3 days. The biggest trigger is definitely my period, if I get an OB I will get it 2-4 days before my period.......my lovely hormones getting crazy :) .or sure shaving is not great idea in that time neither...well but every person have different symptom's so you will find out yourself after a while....
  10. Beautiful, lets be grateful. lets open our eyes....flowing :)difficult in daily live but that's what help all of us
  11. hi, well you can take l-lysine and antivirals together ,that's not a problem, L-lysine don't help me but a lot of people say that it helped them to reduce they OB. For me its better to just avoid argine food like nuts, if I eat nut chocolate I get in the next 4-12 hours an OB.(just chocolate is no problem )...but this deepens on every person , a lot of people don't have any problems with that ,you need to sort that out for yourself, your body will tell you. The best is to eat a lot of healthy food like veggies (best raw or stewed not cooked )and fish , I usually eat that plus a lot of he
  12. Yep she did and she make my day ....amazing girl she is
  13. hi, its just a great video I found today about a inspiring girl with Multiple sclerosis who keeps up running and don't give up her dreams . This website is for me not just about H , its a website of connection, education and acceptance what we can go through , have nothing to do if we deserve or not , it can just happen. We still great person whatever disease we have. She suffering of a autoimmune sickness like me , which means our body fight against us., I went today to gym too and felt quit bad after 50 minutes but it doesn't matter because we keep up running and try to make the best of
  14. thanks, was not sure how I can post a video directly.
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