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  1. I too felt like you. I'm a very family oriented individual and after the shock and then learning to accept my diagnosis of HSV 2 then I started questioning future relationships and the possibility of never having one or kids too. However while contemplating on relationships issues I asked my best guy friend on his opinion. He said it would shock him at first but he isn't the type to just look at that, he would like someone because of who they were and not what they did or didn't have. Surprisingly I felt comfortable enough to tell him that I had it and he has to this day been by my side and helped by giving me the strength and support I needed when I didn't have it for myself. Just a few weeks ago he confessed that he has feelings for me and well I feel the same way too. We aren't rushing into things but it really does prove to show that there are great guys out there that will love you for YOU! If that love is pure then I believe having a future with marriage and children is also possible. Besides don't we take a risk in alot of decisions we make? Why not with love and herpes too??
  2. Hey all. I was just diagnosed this week with HSV 2 and I am just a bag full of emotions right now. After talking to a really nice nurse and finding this site I am relieved to know I am not alone. I am 26 and live in Michigan. The biggest thing that is troubling me thus far is the fact that the man I received this from is basically saying that his doctor says there is no way he has herpes and can't be where I got it from. I have not had unprotected sex besides with him for over a year and that was with my ex of 4 and 1/2 years. Not only did I get HSV 2 I also had a vaginal infection and Trich from this man. I know if his blood work comes negative he's going to blame me or not talk to me and I've come to terms that if that's so then he doesn't deserve me. Taking in this whole diagnosis is just hard and I am scared for many reasons but mainly of how to learn to trust again and move on with my life with HSV 2. I know I can talk to my mom or my best friend but I feel that someone with the same diagnosis would be of a great benefit for me right now. Really looking for some support. Thanks.
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