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  1. Hello everyone! I'm feeling a little paranoid, to make the long story short, I feel like I have hiv. To begin my bf and I have had weird diarrhea phase. Sorry for sounding so direct.. Well most of his family has had it too and then all of a sudden I did too. Is this all in my head? It will be a year in August since my diagnoses of hsv but everything came out negative other then the hsv. My next question is if I have it wouldn't it have appeared on my blood test? I checked for everything. Every little thing is making me paranoid and I'm always and constantly cleaning myself and washing my hands after every little thing. Some great advice would help! Anyone go through this?
  2. Hey adrial! Thanks.. I feel like it's taken me awhile to accept it and let myself be happy. Everything now is okay, he really wanted space. I think when he said that I was scared to be alone and I guess being with him kept me in denial in having herpes, but yes you are right.. I have taken the time to heal myself and be positive and just be happy. My boyfriend and I are working things out and we are both happy. This has probably been the hardest thing for the both of us and I hope it just makes us stronger. Thank you so much for your response.. I really needed to hear that. You are also right, I shouldn't have called it a disease because its not. Thanks for the article! :)
  3. Well I found out I had herpes in August 2012 before finding out I got back with my bf of 6 years and without know it I gave him this disease. It has changed a lot between us but things were good we were getting along I thought everything would be okay especially with the disease. He now no longer wants to be with me and I don't know what to do.. I want him back. This has been a toll for the both of us but to be honest we would never talk about it. Until one late night I called him crying about how dirty I felt and how miserable I felt for giving this to him. I have been a very moody girl friend to him everything and everyone bothered me always with an attitude. He hates it and says he is not happy with me anymore and wants his space. He tells me things like good luck with the next guy and having to explain your std problem. He also says he does not need anyone so it shouldn't be a problem for him. Is he just mad or does he really want me out of his life? I want to make thinks right and be happy again like before contracting this diaease. We fought originally because of no communication I said things to him I shouldn't have so he just broke up with me. After breaking up all this came to the surface that he was not happy. I haven't been happy because of this disease I don't think I've forgiven myself and I want a cure to happen now. Please know that I do love him a lot and I want to make it work with him.. Not because we both have it. Yes, I am scared of meeting someone and having to tell them I have it because I do dream of being a wife and mother and he was what I saw in my future. I feel so lonely because no knows I have this and there is really no one to talk to about it. Will he come back?? Anyone here go through something like this? What should I do?
  4. Hello! This is always on the back of my mind too! I've asked fellow members on this site who are mommys:) according to them that they had healthy clean babies with no rash. As long as you let your doctor know you both have it he/she would prescribe Medication on the last few months of pregnancy to run the risk of passing it on during labor. If she does have an ob during labor the doctor would then do a c-section to protect the baby. You both can live normal lives and have a family without passing it on! I'm so glad you both have worked things out And have talked of a future! I'm in the same situation.. I unknowingly passed it on to my bf. live your life and have babies :) just be healthy and let your doctor know.. It's possible to have a natural birth as well!
  5. Thank you so much I really appreciate your response! :)
  6. Hello there! I had a question, did you have any complications during labor? Did your baby come out with any rash? I'm very curious because I want to one day have babie but its a scary feeling that I could pas this to my children.
  7. Hello and welcome! As a women the first ob is the worse one your going to get. Compared to men, Women get it worse. For me I always got them.. I always got an ob. But right now I'm on daily depressive therapy which is helping. You should expect for your first ob to be a serious discomfort and itching. I got on and off fevers but like your doctor said everyone is different some people only get one ob a year or none at all. Then there are people like me who get them often.. My obgyn has told me that is has a lot to do with your immunity and stress..
  8. I keep getting outbreaks one after another! What else can I do it's annoying I have a real bad one down there and it's huge! ( sorry, but it is) I need advice the one I had on my bareback was actually herpes.. Never got it checked out but it was obvious! I don't understand at all how it could have gotten there it really does not make sense! I want the one that I have right now to go away! Is there a stronger medication I could take that the doctor could prescribe to me? I have had enough I keep getting tingling feelings all over and I can never tell where it will come next I feel inchy behind my thigh. I want this to stop!!!! Any advice could help!
  9. I'm not sure though.. It could be a spider bite. Again, I'm not sure and I have been paranoid about everything that's going on with my body. It's itchy and red!
  10. Hey everyone! I have like an inchy zit on my bare back, but now that I look at it I'm not sure if its just a zit. I have hsv 2 but I thought you can only get it below the waist line. I am just going to look at it tomorrow and see what happens. I'm probably just being paranoid. Please let me know if anyone has ever had this! Just curious if its possible! Thanks
  11. Hey everyone! My name is Melissa and I was diagnosed about 2 months ago. I am 24 years old and live in Cali! Would love a h buddy! I don't have a preference. Man or women does not matter :)
  12. Hey Jesse 330 Your story is very similar to mine! I just found out in August that I have herpes as well. I'm going through a lot of mixed emotions and in the beginning I was going through such denial thinking that the test were wrong there is no way. But if you need a buddy we can support each other through this. I am going through life day by day and yes there are times I forget I have this and there are days I Cant stop thinking about it. But things could be worse. Let me know! :)
  13. Thank you so much lelani!! Your comment almost made me cry.. :( but its something I needed to hear. Well as far as what I have, I'm not sure but it is genital but not sure which type. I really do want to get to that point where life goes on and the outbreak will be minimal. As of now everything is great with my bf and I know everything will be ok. Right now I'm going through a mild outbreak which is annoying because I just finished one before this. My doctor prescribed me antivirals but I'm not sure if its working. My outbreak is not hurting or bothering me and its small but I know it's there. Do you know what may be going on?
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