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  1. Great story im happy for u Smilefordani im recently diagnosed and am worried about start dateing again but this story helped me realize there are still peole out there who will look past us having 'H and see us for who we really are.. :D
  2. I would really like to be there but i live on the otherside of the country maybe u can have one on the west coast that would be pretty darn awesome adrial, or maybe i can save up to go next time bro but im glad your doing a seminar like this it is helping alot of people out i bet in many ways... Take it easy bro and have fun man
  3. hey thanks lelani aprreciate the comment and your right it is all in the brain and i just need to probably change the bad thoughts with good ones and live life cause this thing isnt gonna kill me .. i hope your having a good day take care and thanks again
  4. Hey my name is Angus im 23 years old and found out i have hsv2 a couple months ago and am really kinda been down about the whole thing and am looking for someone i can talk to or meet up sometime, I live in the seattle area and would like a herpes buddy lol it sounds funny when u put it like that, but anyways it can be female or male doesnt matter and look forward to gettin in touch. And u dont gotta be from seattle i just prefer to be able to meet up sometime in the future. but if your from anywhere else i would greatly appreciate the support. Hope everyone is havin a good day
  5. Thanks lisa and kande thanks for the comment And hell yea kande Joe dear-tay Quit tryna spice it up joe dirt lol.. Reading all these posts are helpin out a bunch thanks again and hope u all have a good day, and keep in touch
  6. Carlos thanks brotha u really made my hole damn day and weeks to come bro this comment has really inspired me bro i cant tell u how much . I know it will take time tell i get back in my groove again until then its good to know i have people like u and everyone else on this site to connect to..u been a great help bro Thanks Allot man for the comment and stay in touch man even if u need some support im here even though it sounds like u are doin pretty well with this herpes thing, and for 21 years I give u props and it makes me happy to see that this virus doesnt kill us lol... So as joe dirt says bro "Gotta keep on keepin on , lifes a garden dig it" lol i dont know if u have seen the movie but its one of my best ones.. God bless brotha
  7. Hey kaande i really appreciate you commenting it made me feel better and ya i think A's podcasts helped me out alot, And im sorry to hear about your breakup,, thanks again for the comment.. I hope your doing good and feel free to message me in the future if ya want ...God bless
  8. Well if he sends that fb message out , we will just have to have adrial send one of his podcasts lol about the stigma behind herpes out to everyone who receives the message from your facebook and it would make your ex feel like a real dumbass hope all is well dhpink and keep your head up and dont let it get u down
  9. just found out i had hsv 2 2months ago and am really struggling with coping with this and want someone i can talk to that understands. I have anxiety and was doing really well with coping with it and when i got diagnosed with H my anxiety took a turn for the worse ,so now im having constant thoughts in my head about my health and think im becoming a little hypocondriac lol because of not knowing i had H so now im wondering what else i can have but im probably fine but theres just non stop things running through my head after being diagnosed. I loved your podcasts i think those are what got me through the first couple weeks cause i was in a real dark place those first weeks after being diagnosed.. well i love what u do for us Herpes people adrial and think u should do some more podcasts maybe one dealing with anxiety after being diagnosed... So i was just wondering if any of you have anxiety and after getting diagnosed have experienced this or even if u dont have anxiety . and if u have some info to help ii would appreciate it.. Hope everyone is doing well
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