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  1. So I just wanted to share this article with you all. A friend of mine who also has H shared it with me. It's nice to hear and read about real people discussing the reality. http://www.cosmopolitan.com/sex-love/q-and-a/a30090/sex-talk-realness-living-and-dating-with-an-sti/
  2. I went to therapy a few months after. I actually really needed it before for past issues and emotional trauma. I went with the sole reason of trying to cope with my diagnosis and the trauma of the relationship I was in.I started with a support group for depression and anxiety and it helped me so much and I have been meeting with a therapist regularly since. It's been 2 years now. Therapy helped me in so many ways to grow as a better and healthier person holistically. I love it!!
  3. Dear brokenbuthealed wow! you're story is a lot like mine almost. You got your answer the same way i did. Well welcome!! I am happy to read how much you have leaned on God, he will get you through and love you like no other. It is great to hear how much you realized how loved you are. You are amazing and so loved. You are coming out of this so much stronger already. It only gets better. I'm coming up on two years and my life with H has only gotten better. that H to me means Happiness, Healing, Heart...you are a beautiful person. I get that from you already. Glad you have joined and
  4. I completely agree with misskellyrenee and love the making H your wingman It's true. I think I overlooked people not being there for me in crisis but having H made me open my eyes even more. It wasn't the mere fact of having H but it could be any hard time you are facing and these people pull excuses and or leave because they just can't be there for you. Also maybe we could find a cool new name for you because honey you are not damaged goods even if that's how you feel. We have all felt that way but nope you are definitely not you are pretty amazing :)
  5. So I haven't posted in a while or checked in. All is going well, life is great and I rarely think about H at all. Anyways, I was reading another article today on huffington post and saw this link and thought I would share. I was happy to see this. This is only as big as we make it. If you're struggling know you are not alone and that it does get better!! Life is beautiful!! http://live.huffingtonpost.com/r/highlight/pro-gun-robocall-went-out-day-after-mass-shooting/5384a973fe344460610002dc
  6. This is awesome!! I am sharing this because this can apply to how we approach our difficult conversations including how we disclose! "All a closet is, is a difficult conversation." Ash Beckham is awesome. She also happens to be gay, and she thinks it's hard for straight people coming out of the closet. At 2:30, she gently confronts a 4-year-old. At 3:30, she explains how hard it is for straight people to come out of the closet. At 7:53, she makes a hard decision. And at 8:56, she shares three rules about pancakes and life that you should follow. http://www.upworthy.com/
  7. I've told almost 20 people and whole they were just friends and family or coworkers not romantic partners no one has rejected me it's quite the opposite I know how you feel I couldn't imagine telling anyone after I left the doctor I didn't even want to go home A year later I'm here I'm ok. Yes I still have down times like this. But it passes Actually a few months after my diagnosis a friend of mine wound up having HSV2 also. And she shared her mom has had it forever. My point is though it feels like you can never tell anyone you can do it. Think about it don't you
  8. First, welcome to this site. Thank you for sharing your story and your feelings. Second, I would say do not accept something that you do not even know you have yet. You may be fine. You may have it. There is no answer yet. Yes, she should have been up front with you. You would hope people would be upfront. I hoped the person I was with was being up front but the reality as you spoke of is that there is a stigma here. And I'm sure Laura, not telling you probably felt ashamed in some way. She wanted to be "normal" she wanted to be intimate with you. I am not excusing her not disclosing. However
  9. Not sure about the blood test, as live culture is best method. However, if it turns out it's not herpes my friend had molluscum which causes bumps too. Not sure. Hope you guys get some answers soon.
  10. Adrial you always have the best metaphors. I can close my eyes and envision that wine haha Thank you!! Love you!!
  11. It's been a while since I've posted or been to the H opportunity site. Yesterday was my anniversary of when I found out I had H. I have been living with my wonderful gift of H or as my bff calls it, "my spidey sense" lol When I'm not feeling well or feeling prodrome, she asks if my spidey sense is tingling lol She is one of the most amazing people and one of the reasons I am happy to announce my anniversary. I wanted to celebrate. I wanted to turn this supposed "negative" thing into a totally "positive" thing. To those of you who are new, whether newly diagnosed or new to the
  12. Has anyone heard of the Whisper app?? It's so cool. It's similar to the concept of the book PostSecret: Extraordinary Confessions from Ordinary Lives (PostSecret). You post anonymously your secrets. The app gives you random user name and you are able to post your secrets like instagram but anonymous. My friend told me about it yesterday. So maybe...those of us who are having trouble disclosing or just having some secret would find this cathartic. I just downloaded it. It's pretty interesting. http://whisper.sh
  13. Hello Everyone. I hope you're all having a good day and if you're not I hope you are now with this happy greeting!! I know we all have had our days and especially with herpes and without it and as we are going through it. A recurring theme or thought I should say is that because we might get rejected by friends or lovers etc. we are unworthy. Because we are rejected because of herpes we are not worthy of love. That is just not true. The people and the person who is not right for you will focus only on that "flaw" and not look at the entire amazing person you are. I have been following thi
  14. Nigella everyone is different. I really don't have a problem eating nuts. For me it's kind of trial and error. I had read all nuts and peanut butter. But I have not had a problem. I used to not eat them. I would eat popcorn or peanut butter and be waiting for some H to come out and nothing. It was all in my head. Information is great but sometimes it makes us more paranoid.
  15. Pacific yes I think he prides himself on his sexual nature. How good he is in bed and his physique but deep down inside is masking his insecurities about his own disability. Newlife2013 that sounds like an awesome game I totally am down to play!! It is time to take my power and strength back!! Thank you both!!
  16. James81 you are right there's a lot of suffering in this world and most of those people are resilient. It helps to think if the bigger picture. This is not so bad. Pacific thank you!! I can totally relate to your feelings. It is rejection. He rejected me a lot. He went after other women so it really wasn't H he was gonna be with someone else regardless and now he is. Every time I see him it brings back that disgusted look he gave me. How he fell off the face of the earth when I told him. He's the only one who ever made me feel bad about having H. But people have said that might have been
  17. Hi everyone I haven't checked in awhile. Things have been going great. I feel back to normal whatever normal is hahaha But recently I'm going back into depression. It has to do with who I think is my giver. Short summary bad on and off relationship. I believe he either knows he has and is in denial or never got tested and lied about it. Either way that's the jest. Anyways I know he's with a new girl and he's all happy and doing above and beyond for her. I try not to let it get to me but I can't help but feel damaged. Our relationship was over long before I got H and well he stopped lovi
  18. Renee I think it's a little of both which is so scary. We are kind of on our own in navigating this which sucks because even though it's not terminal it is important and it is life changing. There needs to be more info given to the world especially the medical world at large.
  19. So I follow this blog Girls Guide To and I reposted their picture It says "The past is just a story and once you realize this it has no power over you!" YOu can follow the link below to see it it's the second picture. Though it says Girls Guide To this blog has a lot of motivational and informative posts. My point is our past including H i just that!! a story. It's a chapter in the story of our lives and our lives are far from over!! Daily Distraction: From yummy recipes, to perfect spring outfits and fitness advice, these are our favorite pins of the week! http://g
  20. Adrial I'm so stoked my doctor and his nurse were asking me questions about herpes more his nurse anyways they totally took the handouts and posters and were so happy to have that info to share with people. They were excited about the opportunity and happy for me. I felt so good today. This was huge today!!!
  21. Thank you sayyywhatt, leilani and Adrial!! I am feeling so much better. I am allowing myself to feel what I feel and I move on from there. I have taken the opportunity to go to therapy and I love my therapist. I told her about my Herpes and she disclosed she had HPV. It was an amazing bonding moment. She is so awesome. I feel the healing so much right now. Thank you guys for reminding me life is still good!! xoxo
  22. Well it's been 7 months into this journey with H. I thought I was alone at first. Then I stumbled upon this site and realized I was so not alone in this. 7 months in and happy to say I've found a way to live fully to live again. While I still have my ups and downs I feel so resilient. However, the unthinkable happened recently. A close friend of mine confessed to me that she thought she had Herpes too. My heart ached for her. I felt bad too because I had become a little jealous of her singledom and her ability to have fun and date and hook up. I never thought in a million years she would be in
  23. I fucken love this and what you wrote on your tumblr!!! And I agree with Adrial. There is opportunity in every down, every dark situation, even terminal conditions, if we allow for the opportunity. The huge point you and Adrial are making that life indeed goes on, the good and bad. What is our choice- how we react and move on!! And we can't compare our lives to anyone's. Gratitude is amazing and freeing. Life is good!! even with H even with all the bad things in the world. Life is good!! Rock on stubborn!! maybe we could change your name too? May perserverant or something else. What do you say
  24. kitcattat you are not alone on those feelings. I totally relate. I have only disclosed to my mom and friends and 1 guy-my cousin. All of them have accepted me and love me and didn't even blink an eye when i told them. I realize the acceptance of H goes deeper it goes to me accepting me completely. I see I never accepted me fully. H is kind of forcing me to accept all of me good and bad. If everyone else can embrace me why can't I. I know I'm not ready for that next relationship yet. I want to be fully confidant in me and this small skin condition. I like you have not had too many OB's. It real
  25. hey there kitcattat yup I feel you exactly!! I think all of us here go through these "wanting to go back" moments. This morning I woke up as if nothing feeling much better and I forgot about H completely. I accept it. It is my douchebag detector lol glad to know you get me and know I get you!! hope you have a good day!! I put on some good tunes. I'm thinking bout summer and summer fun!! What adventures/beach/road trips. That's the carefree we still have!! : )
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