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  1. I find that Tea Tree oil is extremely soothing during an outbreak and if I feel like one is creeping up on me, I'll start using it as a preventative measure. I read somewhere at the beginning of my diagnosis that oil of oregano was recommended and I would like to strangle whoever put that on the internet-stay away from that! I have noticed a complete change in my overall health since I started taking vitamins daily-I'm a huge believer in zinc and Vitamin C, L-lysine, and a good multivitamin.
  2. I found that tea tree oil gave instant relief as well. So sorry you are in so much pain! Rest up and pamper yourself a little. Get a massage or a haircut or just take some time to focus on you. You can get through it!
  3. First of all, I'm more than impressed that you were so quick to disclose to so many close people around you, not just your "giver" or current sexual partner. Quite a different story for the person who infected you. You never know why a person acts the way they do. I'm guessing your giver was more than ashamed, thought he would lose you, didn't know how to tell you, and had serious issues with acceptance with what he had and didn't realize the importance or seriousness of not disclosing to you. I had no idea what I had when I was diagnosed and instead of learning for myself, I went with old notions or ideas I already had about "H". I hurt myself that way, as well as a couple other people. You need to be proud of the way you handled your situation. Congratulations on not doing the same to others that your giver did to you. I have to say, my symptoms were so sudden and did not lay dormant whatsoever. I had almost back to back outbreaks for more than six months. When I finally learned and realized that I could turn to suppressive therapy to get my outbreaks under control, I was willing to try anything. Not only that, it could possibly keep me from passing it on to my partner. For me, it works and it's been at least a couple months that I haven't had to deal with an outbreak. I'm not sure how it's been for you or how uncomfortable you are considering your diagnosis was only a few days ago. Just know you are not alone and that it really will get better with time. I know that I need to disclose to a close friend of mine because it will be a huge part of my own acceptance and I wanted to thank you for being so candid and willing to share with those close to you. That is remarkable! I need to remind myself that what we have isn't a big deal. Maybe you need to hear it too. It doesn't need to be the end, but a new beginning for you. It changes your future relationships, but only for the better. It really does help you be a healthier person! Take care of yourself for the next little while and pay attention to what you need. My doctor told me to treat myself like I had a cold. Rest and try to eat better. Take some vitamins and repair your immune system. And know that you are not alone. You are important to this community and we all need to have you around to help us stay strong! Please update and let us know how you're doing!
  4. I would have to say that any additional irritation or moisture leads to outbreaks for me. I had to stop wearing thongs because of the irritation. I personally use tampons because I don't want any more fluids on the surface to encourage an outbreak. Having both your period and an OB at the same time is absolutely horrible and I am doing my best to avoid any repeats in the future! I am also doing suppressive therapy, which seems to be helping immensely.
  5. I feel silly trying to go big rather than start small, with me. I live in an extremely small town where everything and everyone are under a microscope. I have only disclosed to people I felt absolutely needed to know. Some of my closest friends have no idea. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to talk to some of them about it, but I know it's time for me to talk to a couple of them if only to see progress in myself. I worry too much about trusting people with this information. I feel that certain people would say "She got what she deserves." I don't find it necessary to make an announcement to the world, but thank you for reminding me that it starts with me, how I see myself, and how I can make a difference even if it is a small one.
  6. We've all watched a TV show where a jab or joke is made about H. I can tell you that in the last three months, there have been too many moments when my boyfriend and I have sat uncomfortably waiting to breathe. I don't understand how it goes on and I'm at the point where I want to do something. Are these writers that ignorant to statistics? I have to admit, I would have probably laughed at these jokes a year ago because it didn't affect me. Now it does and I want to do something about it. Anyone with me? Any ideas about what we can do to change how people see H?
  7. I'm amazed how many times there are jokes made about H. Don't they realize how many people have it? I was watching a Dane Cook stand up and he mentioned the statistics, which I have to say was kinda funny. One of the only times I've been able to laugh about it. Because really, when you read that 1 in 4 or 1 in 5 people have it and TV shows continually make jabs at people with H, it makes me want to scream!
  8. It seems that my experience went quite well, compared to some. My doctor was very compassionate and allowed me to ask any questions I may have had. The problem: I was hysterical and couldn't think straight. I would have loved to have a source to go to later when I had calmed down. Almost all information she gave me that day was lost. So, I would have loved to receive some sort of pamphlet on how to live with it, maybe this site as a support, etc. What you're told that day or how you are treated can make a difference, but it's how to live with it that I think is the hardest. I was pretty naive and thought I could only pass the virus if I was having an outbreak, so I made some poor choices because of that. I waited to disclose, had unprotected sex, etc. I think cautionary information would have been most helpful for me. Being told the facts first would have protected myself with information that would have protected others in the future. lelani's list pretty much says it all! :)
  9. From everything I've learned, nothing is 100% and everyone's body is different. So, you have to use some caution at all times. Those of you who had one initial outbreak and nothing afterwards are less likely to pass it on to others. You still have to be careful. I have HSV2 and I'm on suppressive therapy, which is working quite well for me. I was having monthly outbreaks and a couple of mine after the initial were pretty bad, if not worse than the first. I'm trying to keep my partner from getting the virus if he hasn't gotten it already. I got it from someone who was asymtomatic, so I know it's possible my boyfriend may already have it and isn't showing any symptoms. It's a tough reality but I think we should all be reminded it isn't the end of the world. You hear it all the time, but I'm so grateful my doctor told me that it's only a skin condition. Our society makes it so much more than it is. I see jabs at people with H it on TV or comedy shows so often but I can't help but wonder why this is so socially acceptable when so many people have it?! We already have more reminders that we have it, we don't need any more negativity! Be careful out there, take care of yourselves first and others around you. Disclose to the ones you need to. The ones who already love and accept you won't change their feelings towards you because of this. And you don't need anyone in your life who would treat you differently!
  10. Hi justadude, I've had H now for 8 months. I also feel like I am having constant outbreaks, plus I am in a relationship so I decided the best choice for me is suppressive therapy. I have to say, it does provide a bit more piece of mind and helps me personally, but I know it's not the answer for everyone. I've had to make more changes than just dietary. I had to change what kind of underwear I wear, I practically jump up after sex to clean up so I can avoid an outbreak. It's not ideal, but I am also using this to make better, healthier choices. It's now more important to me to focus on what I eat and making sure my body gets enough exercise, drinking more water, etc. I don't think everyone needs 8 hours of sleep, just be sure you get what you need. It's hard to know what to do because every person is different and reacts differently to this but experiment to find out what works for you. I'm sure many of us can understand your frustration and willingness to try anything if it works. (Believe me, I tried some pretty painful things!) I'm trying to be hopeful that it won't be so bad a few months down the road, but it is a bit of a waiting game. In the meantime, good luck and know so many of us are here to help you figure this thing out!
  11. I was diagnosed in April and I'm in my 30s. I understand how you feel, but look at it as a much healthier way to look at relationships. We can look at sex and/or relationships thinking that we're invincible and now we've all taken a huge hit to realize we aren't. I still get huge reality checks and outbreaks more than I feel I should. I won't lie to you, sex has changed for me. It is an adjustment, but find what healthy changes you can make that can still be fulfilling. That's what I'm trying to do too. We can all work on it together! Good luck!
  12. Thanks for the help. I'm avoiding shopping at Walmart and found healthwarehouse.com, so we'll give that a try. $36 for 180 pills 400mg. I'm paying almost a dollar a pill right now and this drops it down to 20 cents! Maybe this info can help someone else?
  13. I need to find out where you get that! I pay $27 for 30 pills. 400mg. That's through Walgreens or Fred Meyer pharmacies.
  14. I am trying suppressive therapy now because I'm sick of monthly outbreaks. I've only been HSV2 positive for about 7 months and I understand my body is still adjusting to the virus, but it's been really difficult for me to feel like I hit a wall and have to pick myself up that often. My question is, does anyone know if there is a generic form of acyclovir? If I continue using this daily, it would be nice if there were a cheaper form of it since I'm not insured. Any information out there?
  15. I was very surprised that my boyfriend stuck with me. I had the same thought, that he would run. But I have come to realize that how I see myself and what I have isn't anything like others see me. If someone really cares about you, they will see you and what you have for what it really is. You mean more than this tiny little thing getting in your way. I'm glad you have someone to stand by you and work through this together. It's not easy, but it doesn't have to be earth shattering either. Just like WhoopsiDaysi said and like the doctor said to me when I was diagnosed, it's only a skin condition. Don't forget that!
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