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  1. Hi all! I joined this helpful forum 6 years ago when I was first diagnosed to help me cope emotionally. I am/was one of the people that didn’t show physical symptoms often (if ever), but it obviously took a toll on me mentally and emotionally. Once I accepted this was a part of my life, I moved on. I met someone a few years later that was negative and he was accepting of all of me and we got married and got pregnant. My pregnancy was easy and didn’t have any issues. (Also good to note I have been on valtrex daily since I was first diagnosed). We had our beautiful little boy las
  2. How are you doing now JackDaniels & everyone else that responded? Has the outbreaks subsided? I’m currently going through a crazy amount of back to back outbreaks since I gave birth to my first child. I have had HSV-2 for 6 years with barely any outbreaks at all. But since I’ve given birth 8 months ago, I’ve had 7 outbreaks back to back. I’m freaking out.
  3. Yes, everyone handles it differently. Some people contact their giver and some don't. In my situation, I think I needed closure and wanted him to know. And for the record, I don't think he knew he had it, h aside, he has a VERY strange way of communicating with people that I am seeing now. He has gone radio silent more than just when I told him about what happened to me. He actually ended up reaching out to try to get me back, which just ended up being a total disaster (nothing to do with h - he is just really good at being a complete asshole). You can imagine how awful and foolish I felt
  4. Thank you for this. It touched my heart. I'm feeling a bit better about everything but still have my moments and days. You are extremely positive and uplifting. Before I became a part of this site, I was reading some posts and came across one of yours and it made me cry because it was so touching. It's really helpful knowing people are in this together. Thanks again
  5. h friends, I am coming up on my month anniversary of finding out I have herpes. I met a guy and we had only been dating for three weeks....I liked him A LOT. We spent many days in a row together each of those weeks and I had sex with him pretty quickly because I felt that "connection" (likely story). Side note....I am the type of person that has felt invincible in the past when having sexual partners and never in a million years thought I would ever get h or anything else for that matter. Its almost the same thing as when you go out for drinks and then drive, you never think you are
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