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  1. I am grateful for yoga which helps keep me sane I am grateful for Adrial and his website and forums because they give me hope Also grateful for Google Images where I find random pictures I send to my friends
  2. I think it's different for everybody. For the first few months I took lysine religiously and it didn't help at all. I haven't taken lysine in 6 months and have been pretty good. I'm also not on any daily meds. I'm no Dr. obviously but I think a fair amount of this is mental. For the first few months I was constantly thinking about it and boom. I got back to living my life and stopped obsessing about it and guess what? I've been pretty free and clear. Obviously try to be a little bit healthier but you should do that regardless.
  3. Happy Friday :) I am on the couch on a Friday night too so you are not alone. My heart goes out to you. I have had many of the exact same feelings. When I first found out ( I actually got my test results back on Halloween) I was pretty much lifeless. I felt like I was walking around with a big H on my forehead and that everyone knew. I buried myself in my work and figured if I made enough money to get a private jet and a Maserati then herpes wouldn't be a problem. Well fast forward one year. I don't have a private jet or a Maserati. But I do feel much better about myself. I d
  4. It was about a year ago I got the news. Well officially - from the A-hole Doctor. I was pretty sure but it's a little different when you see it in black and white right in front of your face. I say A-hole because the Dr. who gave me my result basically threw the paper at me and walked out. But whatever, that's old news. So over the past year, I'm pretty sure I have gone through every emotion possible. I'm sure all of you had some of the same feelings the first few months. I felt like an empty human being. I would see couples holding hands and get this feeling of total despair. I
  5. Foreverhappiness, I was reading your previous post about how having money would be a perk in this situation and wanted to respond. I have been very lucky in life to have a job that pays very well financially. I can tell you from experience that money doesn't make this situation easier at all and I'm not even sure if it is a perk. This is something you can't buy your way out of or else I would have done it already 5x over!. I was recently seeing someone and it turns out she started dating someone else. I am pretty sure I make about 10x more than he does and she knows that. I
  6. Happy Birthday! What you do is tremendous - thank you for everything you do on here!
  7. I recently bought a Rumi book. My yoga teacher always uses his quotes and it's always very enlightening :)
  8. Just - thank you for having the courage to post your story. It gave me the nudge I needed to start posting. You have already helped one person (me) get started on beginning a new phase of life.
  9. JAO - thanks for calling me out. I've been lurking for a little while as I was recently diagnosed. As Adrial said, it's time for us males to start stepping out.
  10. I am a male recently diagnosed in the Florida area. Would be happy with either a male or female H-buddy.
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