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  1. He knew the risk of getting it igave him all the details and did his own research. He refuses to talk to me which is fine he's super bitter but he knew ihad it and knew he had a chance of getting it....idont have medicine cuz idont have health insurance and inever get outbreaks ithink I've had for sure 2 of them in 2 years.
  2. @breath123 for sure you can totally PM me but I wish you the best you ultimately will know when the timing is right
  3. Ihave lots of stories ican tell you about disclosing weather it be for dating purposes or hook ups...Iused to feel like you have but after awhile of having to do it I realize that it's not the end of the world and if he can't accept that Ihave it and accept me for it then he isn't worth my time or deserves me. It's a skin condition that can flare up once in awhile and best advice to give him is tell him your story of getting it and then tell him how you control your outbreaks. Me personally I've had it since 2012 and got OB back to back for the first year and bam haven't had any OB till a mont
  4. It's skin to skin contact trust me your sister is fine I've done the same thing but with my roomie and she's totally chill and if your OB healed two weeks ago you should be chillin too cuz I wait two weeks after my OB have healed before to do anything or worry and haven't transmitted it to anyone like that so your solid take a deep breath
  5. Ugh really struggling right now....ihavnt had a real outbreak in about 2 years almost and I'm starting to get it now...I've forgotten what to do Icant get medicine cuz idont have health insurance....this totally sucks
  6. He finally talked to me like a month and a half almost 2 months later and apologized for not talking to me and that he got freaked out and it wasn't fair to me for him to do that it's not a big deal anymore iactually found our one of my friends have it an slows who my giver was too and for it from his best friend....so im ok now thank you for the love you guys
  7. I've been talking to someone and feelings between the both of us have bloomed and feelings are strong....we had a great day yesterday had a breakfast date before ihad work he is a true gentleman and I'm so in my head right now icoildnt sleep last night and ijust feel so shitty I'm listening to my music crying on my back porch right now....I really like him and tried him what happened and that I've given it to two people one on accident and one knew iwas in an OB and he still wanted to sleep with me and was my be at the time. I'm so afraid of his answer he's become friends with all my friends I
  8. WCSD thou were the one who truly helped me get over it and helped me threw it when ifelt so alone you helped me love myself. Enlight no Ididnt get it on my mouth as far as Iknow but igot tested and was positive for genital HSV1 im sorry she dumped you after. Mine stayed with me and made me feel worthless and that no one else would love someone who has it and iwould forever be alone. It sucked but now im free and don't even think about it anymore if you take care of yourself you can control it without medicine
  9. Idont do daily shores sang because Idont get OB anymore ihavnt had one in like almost two years and no wee didn't
  10. Ya it's probably just your period coming iget those sometimes and periods can trigger an OB I've gotten the same symptoms you should be fine
  11. And if no one has told you or you have felt loved ilove you and will continue to love you until you love yourself even after iwill still love you ❤️
  12. First iwould like to start off with saying Ihabe had HSV1 since September 2012. When ifirst got diagnosed iwas so beside myself and so lonely feeling worthless feeling like iwas disgusting. My H giver who was my bf at the time denied that he ever gave it to me and called me all kinds of nasty names and saying iwas dirty and a whore. Granted ohad only slept with one other person for a year and a half before him and never caught anything. My H giver wasn't so kind and didn't hl to take care of me during this time. Iended up in the hospital with my first OB because the pain was so bad. For the fi
  13. Ya he still won't talk toe he's super bitter and ice tried to appologize to him and talk to him and patch things up but nothing anymore so that's that im over it it's not entirely my fault he knew ihad it and knew he had a chance of catching it so it's not entirely my fault
  14. Im totally freaking out. He just told me he has a blister today and asking me all questions. Ifeel so guilty and Iknow ikind of shouldn't because he knows Ihave it and that there's a chance he could catch it. Ididnt start feeling like ihad an OB till this morning icant tell if it is or just having too much sex. But now he's not talking to me and Ihave no clue how to react ihavnt had an OB in like a year and a half and I've only given it to one other person who knew ihad it and knew iwas in an OB and knew he was gonna catch it....what do ido?
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