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  1. Yes it can absolutely bring on an OB. I had tested negative several times with IGG test. That actually should not happen but it did. I guess I had been infected years and years ago. My ex wife had it and I knew it so I chose her over the possibility of contracting. Even after we split up I had several IGG test. All negative. Then I had the vaccine and BAM. First and a horrible OB. It was back in Feb. of this year when this happened. Now I don't really have any symptoms (such as the horrible tingling and itching) but I sometimes feel like it affects my strength. Bottom line is YES if can bring one on!
  2. I am positive for HSV2 and have only had one outbreak or at least one confirmed. However I have burning in my urethra from time to time. But I don’t have other “typical” symptoms associated with the burning. Like no blisters on the shaft, no tingling, no itching, no tightness in legs. But when I urinate it almost makes me cry. I’m going to GP tomorrow. This seems more likely to be UTI. But. Has anyone had ulcers in urethra and if so could you see them from opening the tip? Any advice would be appreciated.
  3. I was completely unaware I had HSV2. I even had multiple IGG test confirming I was negative bc I had been married to a lady with it. So to my knowledge I was negative. I Had first vaccine shot and BAM a huge outbreak. I am still trying to adjust to the new normal but it is very difficult. I am absolutely confident that the vaccine brought on the outbreak. Keep in mind I’m not saying the vaccine gave me the HSV2 I guess I already had it but it did bring on my first outbreak and it was horribly bad. That was in Feb I have not had a follow up OB break lots of annoying tingling and pain down my leg off and on. That is my experience.
  4. While reading hours of post I have noticed that some posters indicate that the "tingling" associated with HSV2 can be improved by taking daily supplements of Magnesium. However, I have yet to see if any of the 10 variations are better than others. I know the entire link between Magnesium and "tingling" is anecdotal but at this point I am willing to try anything. The tingling is worst at night while trying to sleep. Also, the tingling does not seem to be a prodrome symptom as It does not seem to indicate an OB. But it comes almost nightly. It seems to mainly reside between my scrotum and anus. Is Valtrex supposed to help with the "tingling" Does the tingling subside in time? I am about 4 months from initial OB and it seems pretty frequent. Not every night, but most nights. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. I am frustrated and depressed.
  5. I'm sorry you are going through so much. I'm fairly new to the forum but I would be surprised if anyone wants to jump into diagnosing Herpes 1 or 2 from pics. I certainly would not be a person to try. I feel like your GP will be the best resource for you. With that said, feel free to reach out via the forum for support. I try to respond when I can with encouragement. The board is not as aggressive as I wish to just give support during the tough times but some of us will. I wish I had better information for you. There is a service called ask the experts now and for $25 they give you a medical explanation. That might could help. Not sure. Good luck and keep your head up!
  6. Baihaigirl2004. I was diagnosed on Jan 20th. I am just now about 90% symptom free. That butt cheek tingling lasted a long time and it would migrate into my scrotum sac and often between the scrotum and anus. I was able to do a 52 mile gravel bike ride and seemed to have decent power so that was great. I think its hard for us (athletes) to be patient b/c we want/need to work out. I do believe your symptoms will resolve but you are just going to have to give it time. Feel free to direct message me if you need more details of what I have gone through and how I am progressing. Running girl from New Jersey and I already struck up a friendship and offer each other support. Sometimes I think it is good just to hear that someone else is getting better. It gives us all hope! Best of luck to you.
  7. Unfortunately, I don't have any advise for anyone but I would like to contribute to the thread. I was married for 5 years to a woman with HSV2. She disclosed and I knew the risk. After 5 years our marriage ended and I tested to see if I had contracted. It should be noted I had never had an outbreak that I was aware of. Well I tested neg via IGG test. Then about 6 months later I tested again via IGG and was still negative. I remarried and my wife did a complete STD panel. She was negative for HSV 2 and all other diseases. Jan 20 I had the Covid vaccination and BAM a major outbreak. I guess I had it all along and when my immune system was loaded the virus took advantage and became very active. It was a really bad experience. Lots of blister and lots of nerve pain down my right buttocks and right leg. Blisters were abundant in genital area. 1 month out and I am better but still having issues. My itching is gone. My tingling is also sort of gone. But my leg nerve pain down back of right leg persists. Also I have severe fatigue. Like I will feel ok and then I just crash. Like so exhausted I have to lay down immediately. Also I get dizzy when this happens. I do think I am slowly getting better but it is frustrating to go from being so healthy and active to a person that struggles to get through the day. I would really appreciate hearing from people that have gone through this and come out the other side. Like how long does it typically take to begin feeling completely healthy. Does the leg pain eventually completely resolve or does it continue off and on for years. Should I expect the leg pain to comeback for my next episode? I just wish people would contribute their stories (good and bad) so some of us know more what to expect. Finally I will end with this. This is just one person's opinion but I believe this to be true. I have a little more understanding of the science than some and I'm sure less than many others but.... I believe they have turned the corner on this disease and it will be cured within 5 years. If they stay on track they go to human trials in 3 years. I looked back at what they were doing 10 years ago in research and it wasn't until fairly recently that they began thinking they could cure it. In mice trials, one year ago they were only killing 21% of the virus. Within a year they are up to 92%. About 2 years ago, they could neither find it or kill it. This combination of mega nucleases it cutting it up so bad it can't "self repair." Guys, we will not grow old this disease. I just think it will be solved. At least I hope and pray for that end. Best of luck and please reply if you have information to contribute.
  8. To be honest, I am still discouraged about my current situation as I had my first major outbreak on Jan 20. I certainly do not understand all (or even most) of the disease but I have been doing research. There have been some significant events recently toward a cure and reading the article below may give some of you, discouraged like me, a little hope. With that said, we all know that curing most diseases or developing vaccines usually does not happen like what we saw with Covid,........ but Keith Jerome is the dude that just might figure this thing out. One thing that seems to be most important about his work is that he now has funding from the National Institute of Health. As we all know it takes money to cure diseases. Previous to his work, the government did not see HSV 1 and 2 worth spending money on (that is my opinion). When considering how to cut up the virus HSV 1 or HSV 2, the use of meganucleases sort of like "scissors" to cut up the virus seem superior to the newer method of viral scissors called CRISPR. Again, I am no authority but I teach an upper level high school biology class so I have a little understanding. From what I can gather, the CRISPR method is sort of like an HD television. We all agree that HD flat screen TVs are far superior to the old tube tvs... right? Well what if for some reason the old tube tv had a better application in some part of society. In fact, what if this small part of society could benefit more from a tube tv than the fancy high definition flat screen TV? That is sort of the difference (from what I gather between CRISPR and meganucleases.) The scissors called CRISPR are more practical for most genetic disorders being studied so that technology is getting all the work and money, but for some reason the older model (meganuclease) is better for destroying HSV 1 and 2. Now that Keith Jerome has more funding via a grant from NIH it seems reasonable he can sort of speed up the research (using meganucleases) and hopefully make some major gains in the effort. Oh, also you can see in the questions and answers that the emphasis of his current research is actually on HSV 2 and not HSV 1 or Herpes zoster (the one that causes shingles) Again, I only have a rudimentary understanding of immunology, but I have stayed at a Best Western Hotel so I think that gives me some level of credibility. Wow as I type that joke I realize how old I am. Nevertheless, I hope the article below is encouraging and I hope that my explanation is mostly accurate. The article below is a sort of question and answer article but it is written in fairly basic verbiage. Although not disclosed in this article, I read in another article that human trials are about 3-4 years out. In my humble opinion, the news that might be as important as any other news is that he has money to advance his efforts to finding the cure. I believe with funding and time, this can be accomplished. Look up Thebody.com Then search... "What if we could finally cure herpes? This scientist is on the case." His name is Keith Jerome. And if anyone has access to some major discretionary funds, I'm sure he could use any extra funding that would come his way. From what I see, he is our current and best hope for a cure.
  9. Man, I'm sorry you are hurting and discouraged. I am in a similar boat. I was certain I didn't have it before I married my current wife but I was wrong. My previous wife had it and I tested 2 times after that marriage ended to make sure I didn't have it. Both showed negative but they were false negatives or that is what my dr says. I'm still confused about testing. Anyway, I know others have gotten through this so we will also. I think perhaps many of us find ourselves using this forum for a while during the bad times but maybe (hopefully) this thing will eventually just be a minor inconvenience of life. I know there are people that will still love you and look past the condition. I did that with my ex wife. It didn't work out but I chose her over the condition. I don't regret the decision but sure wish we had lasted. Well, back up... I love my current wife and we are strong but when I went into that marriage I assumed it was for ever. Anyway, hang in there! Don't let this define you. It is just a non life threatening condition. Know that others support you and find them both on this board and locally. Good luck to you my friend.
  10. Well, I actually started a thread before reading this which is basically the same as this one. I was diagnosed about 1 month ago and my right hamstring hurts me on a regular basis. I am a competitive bicyclist and not used to being down like this. It is very discouraging. The discomfort for me is mild but constant. I'm not sure if bicycling is making it worse or not. I have some itching too but I guess not as bad as some. It is very annoying and discouraging. I guess I thought I would have the outbreak and then things would return to normal. Well that didn't happen. My ex wife was HSV II positive and I knew before marrying her. We didn't stay married due to other circumstances and I was tested 2X to make sure I had never contracted. Both of my IGG test were negative. I have remarried and my wife is a great support. I had never had an outbreak and had no reason to believe I had the condition. The 1st Covid shot brought out my initial outbreak and boy did it suck big time. Very painful and lasted about 22 days. From what I have read it just takes the body time to adjust. I asked in my thread if cycling could cause more problems in my leg or if it is okay to train. I'm pretty disheartened by it all. I'm sorry you and others are experiencing pain. Is there a chat feature on this forum? Sometimes I think that talking real time would help me deal with the bad nights and vent a little. I don't know. Maybe that is not a good thing either. I guess I don't know much anymore.
  11. This is very discouraging. Is it common for the pain to continue long after the outbreak has resolved. I am an active bicyclist and I ride almost every day at a competitive level. I took about 4 weeks off and just started riding again on my trainer but my leg seems to hurt all the time. It is down my right hamstring (same dermatome as the outbreak) and I assume it is nerve pain. Stretching does not seem to improve it and neither does heat. Haven't tried ice. Is there anything I can do to help with the pain? Is this common and when does it subside? Will the activity of cycling cause it to hurt or does it just hurt b/c it hurts. I don't know. I am very discouraged. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks
  12. I am having a terrible experience. I was unaware I had herpies. I was even tested in June of 2015 and was IGA and IGG negative. This was after having waited the 6 weeks. I was confident I was negative and was for all 10 STD tested. I am having a huge outbreak. I have never had an initial outbreak that I know of. I am not 💯 sure that it is Herpies 2 but it presents as such. I get my results from a recent test tomorrow or this weekend. My symptoms started the day following vaccination. 7 days later I an still very sick with sores in multiple locations. I’m sad, confused, and angry and in pain. I hope I am having a Zoster reaction but my blisters look more like Herpies 2 and they are on the shaft and buttocks both. Plus they don’t look like the images of shingles. I have called VAERS. They took down notes on my reaction and are forwarding it to the CDC. This is not an isolated thing in my opinion. There is a scientific study linking Covid vaccination to Herpies Zoster. It seems like there will be others that have this happen. I’m in a lot of pain and was completely caught off gaurd. I encourage anyone that has an outbreak of I or II after getting the vaccine to call the number above. I sorry for your outbreak. This is beyond words for me.
  13. My wife and I had unprotected sex about 12 days ago. 5 days after having the encounter I began having flu like symptoms. I am a known worrier and anxiety could have been affecting my "unwellness" feeling. However, I have had constant discomfort in my right leg. It feels muscular in nature but I'm no expert. I know that it bothers me more when I walk fast or jog. I have seen one small red bump on the glans penis but it was never fluid filled and may have been the result of briefly masturbating without lubricant. I started a new medication that may affect erection and I wanted to make sure I could become erect before a possible sexual encounter. Assuming that small red bump goes away before this Saturday would it be safe for us to have intimacy or would that likely cause her to have an outbreak?
  14. btw, I read your wall. Thank you for taking time to give me advise. I will read your next post and give this a rest for a day or two. Just a little scared and not too many people for me to talk to. Out of respect for her, I don't share this information with many of my friends.
  15. She takes valtrex. I want the intimacy to be great and it is, so I hesitate suggesting condoms. I've been paranoid (convinced) that I have contracted multiple times. I'm somewhat of a hypochondriac. I don't want to bring this up and cause unnecessary pressure/concern but also its hard to not talk to her about this. She has always been my voice of reason. The leg pain is what alarms me. It has persisted for some time. If not for that I would suspect a UTI. Seems like if she had a bladder infection I could have easily picked up a UTI, but I'm no doctor. I read somewhere that a doctor suggested it would be VERY unlikely to have herpes in the urethra without also presenting other sores. I guess I will just try to sleep on it, pray, and hope the burning has subsided tomorrow. If I win the marriage back, none of this will matter :)
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