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  1. Unfortunately, I don't have any advise for anyone but I would like to contribute to the thread. I was married for 5 years to a woman with HSV2. She disclosed and I knew the risk. After 5 years our marriage ended and I tested to see if I had contracted. It should be noted I had never had an outbreak that I was aware of. Well I tested neg via IGG test. Then about 6 months later I tested again via IGG and was still negative. I remarried and my wife did a complete STD panel. She was negative for HSV 2 and all other diseases. Jan 20 I had the Covid vaccination and BAM a major outbreak. I
  2. To be honest, I am still discouraged about my current situation as I had my first major outbreak on Jan 20. I certainly do not understand all (or even most) of the disease but I have been doing research. There have been some significant events recently toward a cure and reading the article below may give some of you, discouraged like me, a little hope. With that said, we all know that curing most diseases or developing vaccines usually does not happen like what we saw with Covid,........ but Keith Jerome is the dude that just might figure this thing out. One thing that seems to be mo
  3. Man, I'm sorry you are hurting and discouraged. I am in a similar boat. I was certain I didn't have it before I married my current wife but I was wrong. My previous wife had it and I tested 2 times after that marriage ended to make sure I didn't have it. Both showed negative but they were false negatives or that is what my dr says. I'm still confused about testing. Anyway, I know others have gotten through this so we will also. I think perhaps many of us find ourselves using this forum for a while during the bad times but maybe (hopefully) this thing will eventually just be a minor inc
  4. Well, I actually started a thread before reading this which is basically the same as this one. I was diagnosed about 1 month ago and my right hamstring hurts me on a regular basis. I am a competitive bicyclist and not used to being down like this. It is very discouraging. The discomfort for me is mild but constant. I'm not sure if bicycling is making it worse or not. I have some itching too but I guess not as bad as some. It is very annoying and discouraging. I guess I thought I would have the outbreak and then things would return to normal. Well that didn't happen. My ex wife was H
  5. This is very discouraging. Is it common for the pain to continue long after the outbreak has resolved. I am an active bicyclist and I ride almost every day at a competitive level. I took about 4 weeks off and just started riding again on my trainer but my leg seems to hurt all the time. It is down my right hamstring (same dermatome as the outbreak) and I assume it is nerve pain. Stretching does not seem to improve it and neither does heat. Haven't tried ice. Is there anything I can do to help with the pain? Is this common and when does it subside? Will the activity of cycling
  6. I am having a terrible experience. I was unaware I had herpies. I was even tested in June of 2015 and was IGA and IGG negative. This was after having waited the 6 weeks. I was confident I was negative and was for all 10 STD tested. I am having a huge outbreak. I have never had an initial outbreak that I know of. I am not 💯 sure that it is Herpies 2 but it presents as such. I get my results from a recent test tomorrow or this weekend. My symptoms started the day following vaccination. 7 days later I an still very sick with sores in multiple locations. I’m sad, confused, and angry and
  7. My wife and I had unprotected sex about 12 days ago. 5 days after having the encounter I began having flu like symptoms. I am a known worrier and anxiety could have been affecting my "unwellness" feeling. However, I have had constant discomfort in my right leg. It feels muscular in nature but I'm no expert. I know that it bothers me more when I walk fast or jog. I have seen one small red bump on the glans penis but it was never fluid filled and may have been the result of briefly masturbating without lubricant. I started a new medication that may affect erection and I wanted to make sur
  8. btw, I read your wall. Thank you for taking time to give me advise. I will read your next post and give this a rest for a day or two. Just a little scared and not too many people for me to talk to. Out of respect for her, I don't share this information with many of my friends.
  9. She takes valtrex. I want the intimacy to be great and it is, so I hesitate suggesting condoms. I've been paranoid (convinced) that I have contracted multiple times. I'm somewhat of a hypochondriac. I don't want to bring this up and cause unnecessary pressure/concern but also its hard to not talk to her about this. She has always been my voice of reason. The leg pain is what alarms me. It has persisted for some time. If not for that I would suspect a UTI. Seems like if she had a bladder infection I could have easily picked up a UTI, but I'm no doctor. I read somewhere that a doctor su
  10. I certainly appreciate the wisdom and I do not intend to ask too much, but I do have a two follow up questions. 1. Today I developed a slight stinging after urination. I still do not have any lesions. Does this sound like it could be urethral herpies? 2. Also, is stdcheck.com a reliable way to get tested? I do not have insurance and this would be much cheaper. I know there are a couple of types of herpes blood test.... Igg or Iga or something. I do not know which one they use. Is there one I should specifically inquire about? I know you pay through them but go to local clini
  11. My ex wife and I are trying to repair our marriage. I knew she was HSV II positive. I have always supported her and been willing to live with the risk. She has had it for years and never been the cause of her partner becoming infected. That has been about 12 years with no transmission. Last sat she was not feeling symptoms of an OB nor has she had one since, however she was having a bladder infection issue. She drank cranberry juice and it went away. I have been tested within the past 6 months and was negative but after the weekend with the bladder infection I have been worried. I have
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