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  1. Danaaasaaur, Were you ever healed? I am experiencing similar nerve pains. Please let us know. It has been 5 weeks now for me Hi Fonda! I'm sorry you're going through this. I can 100% confirm my pain has almost all gone away :) but it did take about 2 years before it got a good deal better. I had next level pain though so hopefully yours isn't so bad, even if it is please know it does slowly get better :) Have you been to the doctor about it?
  2. Thanks so much for posting your story! :) I'm sorry you had a rough time to start with. I was just wondering which medications you were on to stop the pain? I've had post herpetic neuralgia for almost 2 years and I'm not sure I'll ever be able to fix it :( x
  3. Hi So basically I've been on suppressive Valtrex ever since I was first diagnosed in Sept 2014. I've just recently lost my job so can't totally afford to pay for them so I thought I would give not being on the suppressive Valtrex for a while and hopefully give my body a break. I thought I was doing well 3 days in then bam! I found a sore. Should I jump straight back on the Valtrex? Or should I just wait a couple of months to see if my body does get a better handle on it? Thanks :)
  4. What is with doctors saying the neuropathy is only ever on one side?? Mine certainly isn't just one side!! And I was 23 when this pain started so it's not just a super old person thing. Mine is from HSV2 but my doctor knew straight away that the herpes caused it thankfully. It would be hell to have to try and convince a doctor that it's not just shingles that causes this! Hope you get some info soo @tooold :)
  5. Have you been tested for shingles? A lady at my mums work who is pretty much the same age as you had shingles on her face which presented as a rash. I myself have neuralgia so I get the tingles and the burning/ pain. So I definitely know how sucky it is!! :)
  6. How did you fix the discharge? @wcsdancer2010 I'm currently having to insert iodine pessaries for 4 days a week and it's not overly helpful :(
  7. Hey @As89 it looks like problems falling asleep can be associated with your meds. Chec out the link which lists all of the possible side effects. Not sure how to fix it though...maybe there's a vitamin of some sort that can help? http://www.drugs.com/sfx/valtrex-side-effects.html
  8. @2legit2quit That actually happened to me when I watched Lets be cops with a date. Talk about awkward! Haha Congrats on the disclosure @sunshinegal Be sure to keep us posted :)
  9. I'm in the same position as you so you're not alone :) I'm going back to my infectious disease specialist tomorrow to chat about it
  10. @2legit2quit She stated above they were within the last 3 years with one still taking place. Either way it's up to you @Bambina3 to make the decision. I agree with Dancer on letting your recent sexual partners know about being recently diagnosed with HSV though so they can get tested and look out for their health :)
  11. Make sure you get tested for HIV again at the 4 month mark because those antibodies take 3-4 months to show up too (I'm sure you'll be fine though just as a precaution) :)
  12. My first couple of outbreaks I got the swollen groin lymph nodes which was surprisingly uncomfortable!! Have you been more stressed lately or been exercising more or anything?
  13. Just woke up with another outbreak :( 3rd one in a row. I Just hit a year with this as well. I really hope something changes soon because this is just awful! Mine have been in a different location each time. Do you guys get just one blister each time or clusters?
  14. Hi I was wondering if anyone else out there has had back to back outbreaks while they're on antivirals?? This has just happened to me and I'm not sure why?? I have felt a little bit under the weather since the weekend and donated blood a week and a bit ago...could all of this have contributed?? As far as I've noticed it hasn't happened like this before except when I went off the antivirals for a few months. Any help or suggestions on how to stop the stinging would be much appreciated :(
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