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  1. 2.5 years in and I hardly even remember until I have to take my daily suppression, but then I go on about my day like any other. I try to no longer allow myself to be ashamed. Do I have my days, of course, I'm only human, but they are far and few between now. A few people who are close to me know. If I'm ever really down, they remind me it could always be worse. And it could have been. H has made me a better person in an odd/strange way. I now know my body better, I am no longer afraid to be honest about anything, and I am happier. Happier than I ever was before I was diagnosed. A
  2. I take valacyclovir (the generic brand of acyclovir) daily (once a day), and have been for over a year now. I haven't had any issues being on it. Whenever I get sick my doctor tells me to make sure I don't miss doses because it can help since it's an anti-viral medicine, and most sicknesses are viral infections. Everyone does react differently to everything, but I hope what you are experiencing isn't a reaction to the medicine. If it is, I believe there are different ones out there you can try too. Hope you feel better! Best wishes.
  3. I ask because I've never known it to last very long, unless one is having outbreaks one right after the other. I'm sorry you're going through this!
  4. It's been almost 2 yrs and its been one heck of a ride !! After being diagnosed with herpes, my life got dark but I tried my best to stay positive .. Boy, was it hard . I threw myself in a life I didn't want, but found my way back about a few months ago .. After disclosing back in January, It was a little life changing .. Although, things didn't work out in the end with that person, I felt a little better . And it made me see some light . I eventually ended up getting back with my ex-fiancé, and am happy as can be, with life in general . SHOCKER !! He accepts with what happened while we w
  5. Blah - I can wipe the sweat from my forehead and breathe a little easier now! I finally opened up to him, let him in and he was amazing, just absolutely amazing! And let me tell you, it was the hardest thing I've ever done!! Harder than telling my giver what he did to me! I've seen the disclosure video, read other people's disclosure stories, read as much as I could regarding it, and with all of that, I still fumbled over my words. I felt like my heart was going to explode right before it popped out of my mouth! He knew something was up, he saw me shaking a little, and asked what was wrong. I
  6. Good luck ! I'm also disclosing, in an hour or so (when he gets off work and we go out) ! It's scary and quite frankly, I want to just run, but It's been a while and I think it's time . You're on date #3, I'm 10 months in ... I wanted to wait to open up about it until I knew for sure that I was okay with it myself . I feel it's the right time, me and the guy can finally take the next step if it goes well ! Thoughts are with you and good luck, even though you won't need it ! :)
  7. Goodness, it's been a year since I started dating my giver and have been diagnosed . We have since broke up and I've been trying my best to accept what has happened and move on . I've tried dating, but things have always ended so abruptly . I've been dating this one guy since May, non-exclusively, and it's been great . He's NOT pushy at all and understands boundaries . His friends, however, aren't making things easy by getting in his head and telling him I'm leading him on because I won't make it official . Well, there's a reason, he knows that - he just doesn't know what that reason is . I've
  8. I think a H-Buddy would be great .. Some of my friends know about me having the "h", but they'll never understand the every day struggle I go through trying to deal with it . It's been almost a year since diagnosis and I still can't get a positive grasp on it, had another break down last night regarding it .. It would be wonderful to talk to someone who knows what I'm going through .. I live in the Rocky Mountain Region .
  9. Does anyone else still get contacted by their giver ? Mine feels the need to text me every so often and it's always during a time where I'm beginning to feel at peace with everything .. But when he texts me, I feel hatred all over again .
  10. @Carlos - Thank you for sharing this link . Having herpes and struggling with it each day has become such a hassle . I've only read a few paragraphs on the site, and I'm already going to give this to the guy I'm seeing when I feel it's time to disclose to him .
  11. The last 5 months have been such a HUGE roller coaster .. but all in all, I've had such an amazing support system . When I found out I had HSV-2, I thought my entire world ended . Telling my boyfriend (now ex) that I was just diagnosed with this after we had the STD talk, was frightening . But things went great, he infected me, and couldn't really hold anything against me . We were going to be okay .. But it all ended a little over a month later . He cheated on me, quite a bit too . I don't understand how you can alter someone's life so drastically and still continue to hurt them when they wer
  12. 3 months ago, I was diagnosed with herpes... I remember when the doctor told me she believed that's what it was, I felt like my entire world came crashing down. I was terrified of what my boyfriend would think if the test came back positive, we just had this conversation about a week or two before. While I waited impatiently for the test to come back, it took all my will power to avoid seeing him for a week because I knew what it would have led to if I did see him (we were still in the honeymoon phase). I cried uncontrollably on and off the entire time. The doctor was worried because of how mu
  13. My doctor said there was no way I could experience it so quickly but I had open wounds .. but I don't know. I'm still waiting on the results, which is causing loads of unwanted stress, I hate playing the waiting game on something so vital. My biggest fear is going back and telling my boyfriend I do actually have it, if that's the case. I don't want him to think I lied when I said I didn't, because I didn't know. He and his friends were just cracking jokes about herpes before I had this come up. I told my ex that I was being tested for it and it would be wise to go get tested too. To
  14. .. I'm waiting on my results from my cultural to see if I actually am positive for genital herpes. My boyfriend and I had sex, unprotected and oral, but I didn't know there was a chance I had genital herpes. He asked me if I had anything, and I just had a well woman check up, everything came back normal, and I have only ever been with one other person besides him unprotected. He's been with way more partners than me, all of whom I'm guessing was unprotected because he hates condoms, and my last relationship was 7 years. Is there a way to contract herpes so fast after being with someone ? I
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