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  1. I've also tried using organic coconut oil and that has worked for me as well for any future sores I would have But happy to hear the swelling has gone down :)
  2. The way you are thinking about it sounds just like me when I found out I have it too The first outbreak is the worst but hopefully if you go on antivirals your body will regulate it Just know even though you got diagnosed with this your life isn't over and you still deserve love that's very fortunate your partner is very understanding keep him by your side :) Feel better!
  3. Personally I would think there was something he wasn't telling you Just seems strange to me I would definitely notify him though that you just got a red bump and he should get tested as well Good luck and I hope this all works out
  4. That's awesome thank you for sharing your story! It's good you disclosed to him before taking it to the next level So happy for you and wish you two the bestest luck
  5. thank you so much for your reply.... and its true we really do have the control to live our lives how we want to&its definitely more healthier and everyone does deserve to live a happy and fulfilling life... i am so blessed to feel how i feel now and what is happening in my life&i do wish the best for others
  6. thank you taurus_lady i totally know that and its so true i have noticed that there have been people that were able to accept me and others who couldn't for some reason. i was and still am hesitate on who i do share that i have hsv because if it is a potential guy i wouldn't want them to know right away and they leave me without even getting to know me so far it has worked in my favor and i can tell if its even worth telling the person because i'd like to know me and that person can have potential.. the guy i'm with now i have a story with him thats in my next discussion but knows my story fin
  7. thank you so much for your kind words kristin and i'm sorry for not replying earlier but i did read what you wrote and i broke down it really did touch me so thank you so much for reading my story and giving me encouragement and hope <3
  8. i have not been on in awhile so please forgive me its been too long but I've definitely been meaning to continue my story and let you all know whats been going on with me now....(if you have not read my first discussion please read first before continuing) when my ex and i did break up i moved in with a guy whose name is greg and in the midst of me being vulnerable from a break up before finding out i had the H i got intimate with this guy greg a couple times and stupid me it was unprotected... After finding out i had hsv 2 i had to disclose to greg and i felt horrible when i told him h
  9. - Taurus_Lady(Amanda) John knew he had it and came up to ny to tell me he contracted it from a possible ex... i wasnt worried about it because i felt no symptoms but roughly a week or more later that when everything happened and i felt symptoms. Surprisingly john was there for me and he did help me pay for my medication because i have no health insurance also he told me he would be there for me for support which i did need and i wanted someone to relate to because i had no one to talk to but shortly after that he changed his number and stopped contacting me. After a week later i got a le
  10. I found out I had herpes early october.. I didn't know what was happening to my body or what was going on with me.. I would usually get this wax and after I got that waxing done I was in some pain because I was still a little tender a couple days went by and I was hurting when I went to pee and I couldnt sit down without being in some kind of pain I was so confused on why I was in so much pain then one morning i took a mirror and checked my area and believe or not I see all these blisters and right then I knew what I contracted and I started crying, freaking out because I didnt know what
  11. Just joined this community i really admire the support&advice.... I'm still learning to accept hsv&its bn really hard i feel alone&i have no one that can relate to me or understand what im going through SO looking for an H buddy :) F/19/NY NEED SUPPORT.. not picky on any other preferences.
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