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  1. A little background. I have been Hvs2+ for 38 years and was married for 28 years to my partner who was also HSV2+. I am currently single again and am dating someone who is HSV1+. We have put off being intimate until we feel that we have a committed relationship, but we do have sexual contact. My question and I know this has been talked about many times is how safe is it for her to perform oral sex on me? I have researched this on different sites and am getting conflicting opinons. Riggs
  2. Hello All, I am a 38 year vet that has never taken a suppressive drug for my HSV2 condition. Life happens and I now find myself taking Valacyclovir for suppressive therapy with a non H partner. When I am about to have an ob my lower spine will numb or tingle and now since I have been taking the suppressive drug my back kinda feels numb all the time. My partner and I have not been intimate to date, but I sense it could be near. I think it is the drug, but I also do not want to expose my partner if it is not the drug. Anyone have this sensation while taking Valacyclovir. Riggs
  3. I would assume there are group, but no personal knowledge.
  4. H2O Dc had a Web site and check the events section. I like the BBQ they have in the spring and fall.37 year vet here and divorced 6 years ago. It just amazes me the H effects us all the same no matter what the age. Just the longer you have had to deal with this the more you become a duck and let this stuff roll off of your back. There are all ages at these function not just old timers. Riggs
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