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  1. This is an awesome site! Thank you my dear! What I am reading here reminds me of the positive, not defined by herpes attitude I had when I was first diagnosed…I was a mere baby in my twenties…lol. I spoke of it freely, I educated and enlightened folks when I could, I did not ever hang my head, and I did not expect people to shun me (probably because I would not have shunned them…funny how we project). Then one day a friend pulled me aside and said I should stop running around telling people I have herpes…I should realize that it is embarrassing and gross and that nobody wants to know this information. I was stunned…I felt so foolish. I immediately zipped my lips and began to feel worse and worse about myself. Now at fifty-something…I’m a …well, a reserved extrovert whose lip is still zipped on the subject, and I still feel foolish…but now not because I have herpes and I dared to talk about it but because I realize I let this world steal my joy. I’m glad I found this site…thanks again!
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