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  1. You should totally do it. ;)Dont worry about putting every detail of your life, just enough to get a person interested. After a couple emails you can exchange numbers or go on skype and eventually meet in person. Im a big fan of online dating. Good luck.
  2. The right thing to do is tell him. We all make mistakes especially when under the influence. Its so hard to resist having sex..especially if its been a while. Dont kill yourself over it though.
  3. Have you tried online dating? Im on Dating sites for people with herpes and also those without. I still havent had a worthy connection with anyone on either sites. Maybe you should try online dating to get back in the game. :)
  4. Hello Sorry for the late response. Indeed hsv does not discriminate and affects each of us. ..
  5. It depends on the type of hsv you have. I can only speak for hsv 2 and say my first ob was awful. It started with two blisters and blew into like 16 all over my vaginal lips and butt. It was a very painful and scary experience.
  6. Im still understanding my own body but what I typically feel is a sting around my ob area. When I feel this sensation I take medication. This occurs monthly and sometimes twice. I have not paid attention to my triggers but maybe I will next time. I understand the paranoia, but just remind yourself its not always your hsv.
  7. Thanks for reading and hopefully you find humor and some hope in my post. ☺
  8. Great idea!!!! I like online dating, but often times I get messages from pervs. If I didn't have HSV I would probably have more casual sex, but now this makes me take things slower and really see what a guy is all about. I'm going on a date with someone from online tomorrow, so I shall see what he's all about. :-) As of now, I will only have the talk (in person) , if I see any potential, but no luck yet. I think will try something similar in the future. Good luck!!
  9. So I'm freaking out. Two weeks ago I got this tiny white bump on my inner lip. I kept poking at it with my tongue and it grew in size. It became a white clear bubble and burst. A few days later it happened again and I gargle warm water and salt and it popped and went away. The same thing occurred yesterday the bump has surfaced again in the same spot. It's a clear white bubble, based on the pictures I seen it looks like a mucocoele, but I don't know. It does not case any pain, just a little discomfort. I already have genital hsv. The doctors never confirmed if it was hsv 1 or 2. What are the test names for hsv 1 and hsv 2?
  10. Yeah, there is a lot more to us than this skin condition. As much as it sucks to have it, I am growing from this and making smarter choices. :-)
  11. Hi Everyone, So I been dealing with HSV2 for almost two month. Luckily, I haven't had an episode since then. However, everyday I wake up and check my private parts. I think this psychological pain is far worse than the physical. Anyways, I came across this site and found an article on a current HSV2 vaccination clinical trial. Maybe some of you in the area could volunteer for the study. :-) http://www.genocea.com/pipeline/hsv-2.html
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