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  1. Hi all I developed the signs of HSV-2 at the start of November, had it diagnosed around 3 weeks ago, I took two 5 day courses of Aciclovar, and was thinking that the initial outbreak was over, although energy levels were far from normal. I'd got over the flu-like infections, the pustules on my penis had pretty much cleared up, and apart from the energy levels and a strange sensation on my left mid-section by my ribs that felt like sun-burn, i.e. sensitive to the touch, but no outwards signs like a rash or whatever (and has anyone else had this ?!?) thought I was coming out of the woods. But no. A couple of days of stress and a night without much sleep (stress due to normal life, nothing to do with the disease, which hasn't had a massive effect on me psychologically) and the symptoms are coming back - pain in my chest area, no fevers yet (thankfully) and the "sun burn" area is now tender to the touch again. So, I've now got 10 days worth of Aciclovar (1000mg / day) and I'm intending to take five days worth, give it a break, and then see when I need them again (unless people think I should take the whole course). So, the question is - is 6 weeks the normal period for a first outbreak, or have I had one outbreak and then got hit by another one straight away ? I'm not sure to be honest which possibility would be the worse - the fact that an initial outbreak has been more than double the "standard" length of time I believed it would last, or that a very brief period of upset in my life (which frankly is always going to unavoidable) has lead to a second outbreak before the first one has really ended. I know that with this, I need to be healthy, get lots of sleep etc etc and to be honest, I am not drinking / partying, am eating well, but I don't like the concept that I might have to face an outbreak at any time where I'm not able to be in bed before midnight or when life throws me a curveball ! Before this happened to me, I would say I was in rude good health. I was a bone marrow donor 8 years ago, and my white blood cell count was so high (50,000+) as to be off the scale - so my immune system seemed to be fairly good and it would be rare that an illness would force me to bed. I could sleep irregular hours, party every so often, with no ill-effects - certainly for someone in their mid-40s, I felt quite good overall about my health and my body's ability to take occasional punishment. Now...I'm not so sure. Yes, a lot of people can have it a lot worse, I know, but 6 weeks of this is pissing me off. Thoughts ? The prospect of taking Aciclovar for the rest of my life, or having to undergo a strict dietary regime and a guaranteed 8 hours sleep every night fills me with mild despair. Thanks for reading.
  2. Thanks Parky, nice to know I'm not the only person in the UK with this ! In terms of instillagel - I take it that's to use on your privates ? Luckily the pain there is manageable - it's more the cramps in my stomach / sides that are irritating me. I'm staying positive - f*ck this thing, we'll see who's stronger ! I'm also in middle age, very hopeful that current partner is last one I'll have, so I think by this point in life it's easier to be stoical. Had I have got this 20 years ago, I doubt I would be so laissez-faire. Lots of rest for the next month isn't going to happen. I wish it could, but it won't; the curse of being self-employed, you can't take time off. I'm OK and handling life well enough, have told a few people close to me - I also refuse to feel any sense of shame about this f*cker. Thanks for the tips about food. My appetite is shot at the moment (good, I could lose a bit of weight !) but that's not through anything more than just physically feeling like sh*t. Here's hoping your second outbreak doesn't last too long. I wouldn't say I'm in agony, it's irritating me, I'm still able to function. Final question though - did you go to your GP for more meds to help with future outbreaks ? I take it acylovir isn't over the counter ? I don't mind going - again, age diminishes shame. General question for all out there - I am as certain as I can be I caught this off my current partner. I had a full STD test back in July, which was clear...but should I inform my last partner (we last had intercourse back in September) ? I wouldn't want anyone else catching this...current partner goes for her test next week, but she has no symptoms like mine - the flu, yes, the sores, no. What do you think ?
  3. Well, what I thought was a combination of a bad case of the flu and "damage" to my genitals caused by lots of sex with my new partner has turned into herpes. To be honest, I think I'm coping with it OK. I don't blame my partner - she's symptom-less..."blame" is a little pointless at this point anyway. So psychologically things could be a lot worse...I'm being stoical about this, it could be a lot worse... I suppose what is worrying me is how long this initial outbreak is going to go on for. I've had the flu symptoms / damage to my private parts for around 10 days now. Since going to the clinic on Friday, I've been on the antiviral medication, but 3 days in and it's having zero effect, either on my poor sore penis or on my feeling generally as if I've been beaten up - sweats, stomach cramps, pain in most parts of my body. The thought of this going on for several more weeks or God help me into Christmas fills me with dread...I'm self-employed, I can't afford to take time out, luckily I work from home and it's not physical, but I can't just take 2 days off like I'd want to, for lots of reasons. Added to this is my fear that my immune system is, for want of a better word, "strange" anyway...I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis five years ago, thankfully that turned out to be false, but my auto-immune system is definitely "odd" and I can't see this helping ! I know the first herpes outbreak is the worst, I just wonder what I do when my 5 day course of Aciclovir (1000mg / day) finishes. Do I go to my doctor ? Back to the clinic ? Unless something miraculous happens, I can't see my being "back to normal" in any way within the next 3 days when my tablets run out. What would readers recommend? NB I'm British, so if people from the UK have advice on what's available, that would be great... NB I haven't had the results of the clinic test back yet, as I only went there on Friday - however I have no doubt at all that I've got HSV-2, given that the nurse at the clinic seemed positive I had it, the sores and the symptoms all add up to one thing. Ho hum - stiff upper lip and all that (about the only stiff thing I've had for days !!).
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