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  1. i have a quick random question but is it possible to get oral herpes by touching an open sore in the genitals
  2. Lelani no he isn't in my life anymore, but i just wanted to say thank you guys very much:)
  3. Well its been two months since ive been diagnosed with herpes, and i keep telling myself that i need to forgive and let go but i can't seem to do that im having a hard time and i don't know what to do.... I've talked to my "giver" and it seems like he just doesn't care. i really just don't know what to do... :(
  4. Well I am new to this im 20 and i was diagnosed with herpes a month ago at first i didn't know how to handle it... some day's i feel sad other day's i feel okay and other day's i just feel alone.. i'd really like to talk to some people and see how to cope with it
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