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  1. @wcsdancer2010 , not sure if you're just skimming my comments, but appears maybe, because this is the second time you've misread what I have said. The first one about the vaccine which I NEVER posted about. I posted about the test kit. Second, you don't know the personal conversation he had w me on what decision he was going to make, based on type. It is up to him if he wants to share that w you, but I'm not going to. You are taking it out if context and I am not telling him to not get typed, I am responding to him saying he wants to know his type so he can decide on what he's going to do. I'm simply telling him despite the type, he knows the right thing to do and his initial idea he had was grossly incorrect. Again, his decision to share w you what was discussed. Reading and not reacting would help.
  2. @,optimist great post, just one thing backwards. Ghsv 2 does provide immunity from ghsv 1, but not the other way around. I heard a herpes joke a month after my diagnosis and I just kept the convo moving. It didn't bother me surprisingly, because I know it's not personal and it comes from ignorance. What's if's are a waste of time... Wait till and if those things even happen.
  3. Gotta actually have H for quite awhile before it can actually cause damage to the nerves. Also people do get genital HSV 1, despite having oral HSV 1. Problem is, no telling w out a swab and those have a high rate if failure, especially w makes, as your sires tend not to be as "wet" / "open" as women's. I say don't write it off and I don't think it's in your head, considering I have neuralgia from genital herpes. The other symptoms w your mouth, have no idea. My nerve pain is in my buttock and back of thighs as well. I say don't stop teuinf to find out what's going on and don't let people dismiss you in life or in a medical facility about your symptoms.
  4. @seeker1960 the type shouldn't matter when it comes to disclosing. I hope you don't have in the back of your mind still what you told me. Honesty is the best policy.
  5. Man, that's gotta be a horrible feeling to have all the time and can't be an easy one to conquer. Being soneone who has suffered from extreme anxiety myself and still do. I can relate. Hang in there, you can get through this.
  6. It is a disinfectant, but it also has numbing stuff in it. I have found gold bond pieder works the best as of recent w an aggressive OB I just had. It cleared all blisters in 24hra of having it on the other day. You can order gold bond extra strength on Amazon. .. As for your son, I'm sure you're not brushing your genitals up against his, so it's impossible for him to catch it. There are women who have herpes who give vaginal birth every day and do not pass it, yet this kids body doesn't rub up against your genitals at all and yet you think he's some how going to contract it? How do you figure? @wcadancer2010 has had kids vaginally w H and NEVER passed it to her kids. Are you taking anything for your anxiety?
  7. You gotta sit on that neck pillow to alleviate pressure on the sacrunz where the inflammation is coming from and traveling down your buttock and back of thighs. Bard surfaces are the worst thing to sit on for long periods when you have neuropathy in that location and it absolutely will make it worse.
  8. Yes, that's what I'm telling you...some of us get neuropathy from herpes. Treatment would still be the same w nerve lain meds. Hey i get not wanting to take meds and if you can tolerate w out meds them by all means.
  9. It's on his site that it will be released in a couple months @wcsdancer2010 it's actually in the comments where he responds to someone. I can take anic and send to you. It's already been approved and made it through the FDA testing.
  10. No Dancer. I can even show you the pics. This was no doubt H . I get it in this area. I was stupid and shaved when it was healing and it came back w a vengeance. It helps, but your groin crease has tok much friction and stays so moist no matter what you do. This is where I've been getting back to bakc obs, but it was just redness and sensitivity w some nerve tenderness. I shaved and it made blisters come out and spread . big mistake.
  11. For a week, I had recurrent blisters non stop and I started breaking out in other locations as well .. My whole right side pretty much. The itch was intolerable and Epsom salt baths only helped in the bath for the most part. I was nervous about using it, because it had menthol and sysiliac acid in it, but I was desperate to keep it dry and stop the itch, because it was in my groin crease and onto my vagina. In the crease of my groin, it looked like this huge indent, like my skin was wasting away and skin sloughing off. It looked terrible. I felt like it looked like I was rotting away (I know graphic, but you have to know how bad to Understand). I had between 20-30 blisters and every day more cropped up. I was even taking 2500mg of valtrex spaced out through out the day. I finally quit the valtrex a few days ago, as for those of us w atypical symptoms to H (neuropathy and/or constant obs), tend to have a strange reaction w our immune system on valtrex, so stopped that just incase it was exacerbating it. Anyway, applied yesterday several times through out the day and today. All itching ceased once applied and it felt normal and like I had no OB w it on. Just a little while ago, I rinsed it off to see how it's looking and there are places where there isn't a single sign blisters existed and the worst area w the indentation and most of the blisters is bright pink, w tiny shrunken bumps.. NOT. A.SINGLE.BLISTER.IN.SIGHT. It looks like it has been healing w no flares for a week 24hrs later! The comparisons are night and day and I felt I needed to share this for others, because I'm shocked and so are my friend's who saw yesterdays pic and today. (I take pics to track it, since I have issues w controlling the virus and to find what works best). I'm still beside myself. If you could only see . lol.. I highly recommend giving this a shot.
  12. I have constant obs and just had one almost as bad as my primary and it didn't hurt. It was the itch that was the most bothersome, despite having like 20 -30 tiny blisters. None of them prevent me from going about my day, I just have to take extra care like bathing w Epsom salt, using bactine spray and using gold bond to stop the itch and keep it dry. Don't stress it.
  13. I hear ya on the itching and there isn't a whole lot you can do, but what I found, being I have has the most hellacious ob two yrs later after my primary just recently to deal w the itching is Epsom salt baths and I place wet epaim sakt on it and let it sit and do that a few times in the bath.. As many baths as you can take and gold bond powder worked for me to stop the itching when I couldn't be in the bath. Bactine spray works great for numbing and drying out . hang in there!
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