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  1. I have never had a problem with waxing. Honestly, the bikini area hurts less than your face....
  2. Good on you for your bravery in putting your status out there, WCS. It's hard to find someone I want to date more than once or twice. Dating is complicated and I am selective. One guy just passed the two date gauntlet yesterday...a disclosure may be in my near future.
  3. I certainly agree that the world isn't fair and I know this situation just feels like it sucks at disclosure time. Without a doubt, there will probably be a few unpleasant surprises in my future where a man who I expect to be cool about it could reject me. Regardless of whether he is polite or is a complete dickhead as in your case, my point is that,* in general*, dating in person will tend to give you more chances to observe his character and build a level of mutual trust. You'll see how he behaves with others and with you. Actions in addition to words spoken over the phone or words on a screen. You will have more of a chance to weed out the guys who you decide you don't want to disclose to because something isn't right. Will guys reject you at some point in the future? Possibly, but I think by getting to know the person better you will reduce the chance of running into such a dramatic response.
  4. Hugs to you, Parrot. I also made the same choice as Lelani, and contracted HSV II via a relationship with a good man who ultimately was not a good match for me. I have only disclosed to one person who was awesome about the disclosure. I have dated quite a few in the year or so since I have been dating again. Each time I have dated someone new, herpes gives me a chance to closely evaluate that person , well before I intend that disclosure will take place. I ask myself questions like does he have compatible life goals? Has he demonstrated reliability and trustworthiness? Do his actions match his words? What common interests do we share that would sustain a LTR? What is his relationship history - has he had successful LTRs that ended reasonably amicably, or has his love life been nonstop drama? Is he in a situation with exes that would create unwanted drama? Is he a financial trainwreck? As life would have it, most men do not make it pass the initial pre-disclosure phase. I feel that most of these questions really can be answered only by observing behavior during the initial dating process in person. I know you felt like you knew this guy after corresponding online, but you may have missed indicators that would have been clearer if you had dated in person. His reaction was unbelievably ignorant and callous. Looking back, were their any indicators about his possible reaction? I know it hurts, but you have to accept the fact that this wasn't meant to be, and go forward with an open heart and trusting that there is someone out there who is not only a great match but will accept H without an issue.
  5. As a 30something woman who has had HSV2 for about 3.5 years now, I can attest to the fact that the outbreaks and symptoms do indeed become more infrequent. I noticed, in particular over the past year (in which I have not taken Valtrex unless I was sleeping with an HSV negative partner), that I have a couple of hormonal triggers (ovulation and menstruation) which can bring on an outbreak if I am not caring for myself (nutrition, sleep, exercise). In addition to your immune system building strong defenses, you will learn what triggers your OBs and how to best stem them or shorten the OB.
  6. Thanks for the encouraging story! I am actually on PS (and MPWH when it existed) but I don't "segregate" myself to that site. I am on two other "mainstream" site as well including POF which is usually just a good source of laughs. ;) I have actually met some really interesting men on PS who are HSV2+ but live far away and I am not interested in a LDR. The pool is indeed shallow locally and honestly most of the guys who are local for me are not compatible. Sadly, though, I notice plenty of users on PS who spend a LOT of time on that site , posting on their forum, which is not the best use of your time if you are trying to actually date real, local human beings. My advice is to use positive sites as just one tool for meeting people.
  7. It's good to be back. Lelani, you are always inspiring. WCS, I am warmed by reading your thoughtful and courageous posts.
  8. Your doctor should be able to write you a prescription so you can pick up Valtrex "as needed." That is what mine did. Over time, your body WILL build antibodies against the virus, and you may find you don't even need the Valtrex (or rarely need it), unless you're with a non-HSV partner and use it as a preventative to reduce the likelihood of transmission. I have had HSV II for three years now, and it's now to the point where I do get itchy from time to time, but haven't been having actual OBs like I used to (yay!) I find that outbreaks are triggered by things like stress, exhaustion/jet lag, drinking too much and sometimes by hormones (I'm female). You'll begin to learn your body and your triggers, and your body will help out on its own, eventually.
  9. That's harsh and I am sorry it happened that way. He's a shallow player, and doesn't deserve your thoughts and feelings. I can't help but wonder if much or all of your conversations were texts? Because (speaking from experience) it's easy to get a false sense of security/intimacy with a guy, and think that he is caring when in reality he's just a douchebag who is typing messages to multiple girls. Especially in a long distance situation. There's someone better out there (possibly right under your nose at your school!)
  10. What a great story. Congratulations!!! I haven't been on here much, mostly because I feel like I really am finally accepting H and feeling like what I have to offer will far eclipse that minor issue, once the right person comes along. I've been dating some lately. In the process of dating, I meet guys who may not have H, but have some significant baggage (ex drama, financial circumstances like a past foreclosure, etc.) I am sure many people agonize over disclosure of those past circumstances. I have a little skin condition on my nether region that is easily controlled with medication. I also have a job, my health and a pretty good life if I may say so myself. I date but I'm not desperate - I am enjoyin the process and I am patient. I am more selective (not picky, selective ;)) than in the past, and my red-flag detector is fully engaged. I think H has given me another perspective to really see myself and what I need from a relationship.
  11. How is your nutrition? Are you sleeping well and taking care of yourself? Working out? Aside from the H episodes themselves, I have not noticed any increased sickness with H. Are you under stress? When I was going through a breakup of a long term relationship, I had a nearly month long sinus infection, which was horrible. Stress definitely reduces the immune system. Sorry to hear you are feeling crummy and I hope you can figure out what's up, and resolve things.
  12. Awesome news! I really disagree with quarantining ourselves to H dating sites. I have tried them, and the men I have met seemed kind of bitter and negative. One guy even put on his profile something to the effect of "well, met a girl, she ditched me because of this... so I guess I'm stuck here" No, I don't want to feel like someone's backup. Plus, I am sure there are some good people on H sites, but do you really want to restrict yourself to such a small portion of the dating pool? I am taking a hiatus from actively looking for a relationship (I am on Eharmony and it's been pretty fruitless as of late. Once I notified them I was cancelling my subscription they started bombarding me with shrubby guys. But I digress). lol This thread is a reminder of the possibilities out there, and helps me remember to be patient and trust the universe. You guys are inspirational - as always !
  13. Hugs and appreciation to all of you, and Pacific, I am so glad you were inspired to post. I'm on my mobile so I will make this brief, but I just have to say again how grateful I am to Adrial for providing this forum.
  14. Congratulations Danielle! You are amazing and you should be feeling absolutely wonderful right now. Enjoy it, and best wishes to you as you move forward with the new relationship :)
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