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  1. You will have kids NATURALLY no problem. The person who is meant for you will accept all that you are! And the risk of herpes, because let’s face it, other than the stigma and the uncomfortable talk we have with new partners, it doesn’t affect our lives or at least it shouldn’t. Any potential partner runs the risk of contracting it from any random person who don’t know they have it but at least with you taking care of yourself, listening to your body and taking medication lowers the risk of transmission to almost nothing.
  2. Hi. During my first outbreak 1000mg Valtrex gave me relief 2 days after I started taking it. The blow dryer definitely helps. Also wearing no underwear or only cotton underwear(if you must wear undies) helps, and try to wear loose bottoms, it makes walking a little easier and reduces chaffing in the area. When peeing try covering the area with tissue to reduce splashing on the area. I hope this helps.
  3. Hey @youngh, I'm here to assure you that everything will be OK. I found out I had gotten HSV2 from my second sex partner a month after I turned 20 and at that time it was really hard to deal with. But it got easier and I'm sure it will get easier for you too! More people than you know have either HSV 1 or/and HSV2 so you're not alone... At first I felt like I would be undesirable and no one would want me after finding out I have H but I was wrong. I'm 22 now and I have an active sex life. Disclosing is not easy because you never know how the other person will respond but just know that if they respond negatively you are too good for them anyway! You are the prize regardless and having herpes does not make you damaged goods. You will meet really beautiful people who will see the beauty in you ( inside and out) and herpes will not stop them from wanting to love you! Don't ever let anyone make you feel bad about yourself because you have HSV, just take it one day at a time and educate the people in your life that know so that they can better understand this part of you.
  4. Hi, I'm 21 (female) and have had HSV 2 for a little over a year. Been dealing with it well so far but every once and awhile situations arrive in which my self esteem take a few blows. I would like a buddy for mutual support and advice. Preferably someone who has had H for a while male and/or female.
  5. You're right! And I went on and told him. He took it very well, so I guess I was overthinking a bit. But thanks for the advice, it really helps
  6. @2legit2quit I understand what you are saying but I don't want to spend all this time with someone and then when I tell them, they flip out. Especially if I really like them, that would make me have reservations about trying to date in the first place, because people can appear extremely genuine and understanding but when you tell them you have something they become a totally different person.
  7. So my ex- boyfriend and I cut all ties with each other so that we can both move on. And now I have decided to start dating again and getting to know new people. But I struggle with knowing when I should or if I should disclose. When it comes to relationships, I have only disclosed to my ex, and he took it really well. I have this upcoming date with this guy I knew awhile back before I had H, and I like him but I don't know if it's going to go anywhere. I want to tell him just in case it does and I don't want it to go to far without me disclosing. But I don't know if I should just be upfront and rip the band-aid off fast or wait and see where it's going to go first.
  8. @2Legit2Quit I appreciate your support and I realized that he isn't my friend and I have long since moved on :)
  9. @hippyherpy Last time I checked this post was posted under the My herpes story discussion. This is my story, I have a right to post my truth and my feelings on the situation in whatever manner I choose. As for my title and the contents of this post, I was not in any way whining. I was expressing my feeling on MY situation. I am aware that life is indeed unfair and nothing in this post suggested that it should be. But when it comes to herpes and my story regarding it I FELT the need to STATE THE OBVIOUS. That herpes is unfair. That the fact that many of us TRUST our partners and their past decisions when we submit our bodies to them and we end up with this disease that has the power to make us feel LESS THAN. So please don't brush this off as a "life is unfair" and "so what you have herpes" kind of thing, because if it was that simple or that easy, this forum wouldn't be here and you would not be on it.
  10. Nothing really, I had to keep bugging him to get the results in the first place. I asked him and he sent me a plus sign in a text to tell me he was positive. After that conversation I never heard from him again. I found out about a week later that he had gotten back with his ex-girlfriend, who he swore he couldn't stand and didn't love. I never wanted a relationship with him because frankly we are on different levels in life but I did still want to be friends and be there to support each other like always. But he just dropped me like a bad habit after the test results.
  11. He got tested a few days after I told him and the test came back positive. Which I knew it would because me and my ex was each other's first and there was no cheating on either our parts.
  12. Hey everyone, I'm fairly new to the forum and I thought my first post should be my story. I was diagnosed with HSV2 in June. It all started when I decided to end my relationship with my then boyfriend of 2 years that December. I felt smothered and generally unhappy in the relationship, so when we broke up, I decided to throw caution to the wind and do what I wasn't free to do in that relationship. I am a 20 year old college student, so when summer came I started, going out more, drinking more, talking to a number of different guys. It was this one guy though. My Bestfriend (well ex-bestfriend now) of 8 years actually. He had recently told me how he felt about me before my bf and I broke up and he kinda was that push I needed to re-evaluate that situation. Anyways, we started hanging out more and he eventual one thing lead to another. He became my second sex partner. I thought I could trust him, being that we were friends for so long but I was terribly wrong. He gave me H and I was not mad at him at first, I mean after all he seemed like he was unaware that he had it. I did get furious though by the way he handled the situation after I told him. He was not supportive at all. My best friend was not there for me. He left me high and dry. And I mean it wouldn't bother me as much if it was just some random dude but 8 years of friendship and he decided to leave me to deal with this on my own. So now I have H. And I feel that its not fair. Its not fair that the second person I chose to sleep with gave me a forever disease. Its not fair that I was unsupported through my situation. Its not fair that my love life is going to be more complicated. Its not fair that every time I meet a guy I like the dreadful thought of disclosure crosses my mind. Even though, like many of you, I was dealt the H card, I'm not going to let it consume my life. I'm trying everyday to be at peace with having H. And one day I pray that I can turn this into something positive and empowering. But today I'm just taking it one day at a time.
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