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  1. First of all I’m really sorry to hear how much h has effected your health, it’s not easy but let alone when you have so many places that get ob. What a great attitude to move forward with though! I have been experiencing manyyy outbreaks these past couple years as well and I also need to make some radical change in my eating. I tend to binge eat sugar as well and I can’t imagine it’s been doing me any good. I’m onboard with the decision to eat better food and adopt a healthier lifestyle as well! Feel free to pm me and tell me about how you’re doing/ progress/ draw backs, anything! Good luck to you and keep me posted!
  2. Hi everyone! I just took a trip to the US for the week (living in the uk currently) and had originally brought enough meds for the week but I’m about to run out and I’m having one of the worst outbreaks yet, I’m in excruciating pain and had to up my dose to 1000 mg. I have my flight tomorrow at 11pm and was wondering if anyone in the area would be able to help me with some meds before I set off. It would be a life saver and of course it would be nice to meet in real life! Thank you so much!
  3. I got diagnosed about 7 years ago and for the first 5 years I’d get 1 or 2 outbreaks a year which was manageable but for some reason they’ve increased A LOT these past two, they seem to happen every 6 weeks- 2months, granted I’ve been stressed but I was also just as stressed before that, I’ve been on suppressants 2500 mg a day which after seeing a new doctor today I’ve found out that that’s a ginormous dose! It’s most commonly said that obs decrease after a couple years but obviously in my case they’ve tripled! Has anyone else experienced this? Any theories on why this could be other than stress? I’m keeping my head up but this might not allow me to have a healthy sex life again and it’s hard to come to terms with that, not to mention the awkward social grey area I’m left to navigate through.
  4. Hey, I feel you. I got diagnosed about 7 years ago and for the first 5 years or so I’d get one or two outbreaks a year but for some reason this past year and a half i’ve been getting them every months and a half, I’ve been taking 2500 mg a day which I’ve just been informed is a HUGE dose, the outbreaks have been reoccurring relentlessly though, I’ve had sex a few times(with disclosure) and it seems i tend to always get an ob about a week after. I feel like this might be the end of my sex life, I’m keeping my head up but it seems like it’s heading for the worst.
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