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  1. Tell him, if he's really in love with you he'll stay.
  2. When in relationships I go on suppressive therapy, I don't feel anything then. When off it I never get a full blown outbreak; I get that cigarette burn feeling and my body puts that back in place. Happens maybe once every 3 to 4 months. That's the most I've ever gotten, even being off therapy for 4 to 5 months. I've gone for gyno exams around times I feel those burns and my gyno sees nothing internal either. I would love if there was some kind of study of coalition between the frequency of outbreaks and how well your immune system handles it.
  3. Herpes is in a family of viruses that includes CMV, chickenpox/shingles, mono so yes it could of been dormant all this time.
  4. Hi Sarah, Well male (infected) to female (non-infected) is higher then if it was opposite, however, it comes down to a few factors. Use condoms, have him take his meds, and when or if he he feels a outbreak happening abstain for sex for a few days. I know this sounds crazy but stop shaving your genitals! Hair is a protective layer which acts as a natural barrier, stopping direct skin-to-skin contact. Also, when you shave you can break the skin which allows more chances for something to enter into the body. This is the world's most common infection that has been around for centuries; Hippocrates wrote about it and the Roman Empire banned people from kissing on the lips in an attempt to stop an outbreak, however, it is highly stigmatized and wrongfully so. Some believe that herpes is inevitable, that 90% of the population over 50 has either HSV 1 or 2, that 1 out of 5 women and 1 out of 6 men have genital herpes. Those numbers could be even higher but since the CDC doesn't recommend testing for it we don't know. Which I wish they did because if feel that with a larger population having it well the stigma loses its power. Have you been tested for HSV 1 and 2? Because you can be a carrier and just not know it. I've had it for 4 years now and have never passed it along to any of the dudes I've slept with. I'm a straight female and use condoms and suppressive therapy, however, I was in a long term relationship where he had unprotected sex for well over a year, I only took meds, and never passed it along to him. And no you don't sound ignorant at all. You sound like a person in love looking for understanding. I think it's safe to say, for all of us here, that we wish more people were like you when it comes to falling in love and having to deal with one of the world's most common viruses.
  5. Hello All! I've had HSV-2 now for 10 months. I was only the suppressive therapy for about 5 months straight after my first ob. I have been off the therapy for the last four months with no ob. However, I met someone and started my suppressive therapy again aggressively, I took 1000mg of Valtrex for 5 days then continued with 500mg. We had sex and used condoms and coupled with the suppressive therapy and according to the disclosure booklet found on this site I hopefully have gotten my risk of passing it along down to a fantastic 1% over the span of a year, or worse case 2%, if the Valtrex hasn't fully suppressed the virus yet, by the use of condoms. I'm just worried if I pass it along. It's one thing to talk about having it and taking precautions, its another to hear that you give this to someone you care about. But in all seriousness, my first ob sucked. But it was no different then what one would go through getting Chickenpox or mono which are other herpes viruses. The stigma surrounding this is ridiculous, especially so one 2/3 of the globe has HSV-1 and 1/3 has HSV-2
  6. Be careful of the vitamins though. There are ingredients in some of them that actually help the herpes virus thrive. A lot of the much seasoned folks on here know a great deal more about it then I do. Just ask and they will answer.
  7. Remember herpes is a nerve disease and if you're stressed or tried and for some people feeling under the weather that can lead to a outbreak. The best way to keep herpes in check is to have your immune system in top gear. Eat right, exercise and relax. My body felt so weird for months after my first OB. Took my body 6 months to feel normal again and I was getting tingles too. If you get a answer from a doctor that it is hsv2 go on the suppressive treatment for a couple of months and see how you feel. It did my body wonders. And don't worry, it's what we're here for.
  8. A herpes fissure will present itself as a fissure with the definition that it is simply a rip or tear in the skin, what makes it a herpes fissure is that herpes cause the skin to tear. Keep in mind that Herpes is a nerve disease that presents itself on the surface of the skin. So all those weird tingles could be herpes. I do not know about the health care laws in Australia but in the US as long as you find a doctor who will draw the blood and if need be the money to pay for it they'll test. Words of advice; first your baby was born healthy. Even with hsv1 that strain of the virus can locate it's self to the nether regions if you and your ex were into oral sex. With that said, you had no complications from having hsv1 or possibly hsv2 during childbirth. That in its self is something to rejoice in. Second, if it is herpes 2 IT IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD. I promise. I had the herpes outbreak from hell, my ob/gyn stated I had a raging case of herpes and I'm still here. I had every typical and atypical symptom of herpes one could possibly have and I'm fine today and I'll be fine tomorrow. You will be too. Go see if you can get a diagnosis, a blood test after the 4 month mark will be a accurate.
  9. Hello! I've only been recently diagnosed with HSV-2 back in October, however, despite it being a fairly new infection as from what others here have told me and what I have read I got hit very hard with this infection. From my personal experience, so far, I had muscle and nerve pain (still have the nerve pain, but its not as intense and doesn't last as long as it once did) and I could not urinate for the life of me, among many other things. So what you are describing @breathe123 isn't too far off. It will take your body some time to get use to the virus in your system and create antibodies, which will keep it in check, which is between 4 to 6 months. With that being said some studies and writings state that it could be up to a year before your you again. Are you on suppression therapy? I take Valtex, the generic, at 500mg daily for 2 months now and it has made a world of a difference for me, even though it took time to feel the full effects of the drug. As for @h_isforhappy this website is great!!!! When I was first diagnosed I was on here religiously, and many folks on here either know about herpes through and through or have had the same issues. Either way, this site saved my sanity in those first early days. Good luck to you both and keep your heads up. Many people have said some very kind and uplifting words to me since finding out I have herpes, but my Gyno hit it on the head; "It won't kill you, it won't leave you infertile. It is a nerve disease that is very common." Take solace in the fact that their are millions of people out there with HSV infections, some know, some don't but nonetheless you are not alone, this is not the end.
  10. And considering that some of us here need to see ob/gyn, infections disease, and what ever else plus all the different types of medications we're all gold mines!!! The best disease to make money off of is a disease that won't kill but create many problems. Oh hi, didn't see you standing there Herpes....
  11. It's sad. This is one of the oldest viruses known to man and one of the most common. I don't understand why it can't be treated properly... There is money in treating this disease too!!! The only other disease I have ever seen this much debate on is Lyme.
  12. It's how you learn your triggers, how long you're in remission for and what to expect and for how long. It really is a bright idea.
  13. I've been documenting what I feel and when I feel it just to keep a record of my symptoms.
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