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  1. Thanks Grace! Yeah i mean, I don't really mind the outbreaks themselves. They're pretty small and more of a nuisance if anything. I've never had any side effects with the valtrex. But damn I want to be on less meds since I'm on so many given my other health issues. I was taking 1000 mg/day at one point. I actually weaned off completely and was fine for a few months until recently. Anyways, I appreciate all your help and support. Thanks again!
  2. Hi everyone, I am in the exact same situation! I used to get one or two outbreaks a year and now I'm getting them back to back. How annoying!!! Im avoiding daily suppression currently. I was taking valtrex everyday before when I was sexually active. But now I'm just chilling so I ain't gonna take it. Just see if my body adapts. I've been on and off suppressives before. I was taking them because it made my past two partners feel safer. These outbreaks are most likely related to my health, as it has declined these past four years (ankolosing spondylitis and chronic migraine). My question is do you guys think going on and off suppressives could have been a factor? I prefer not to take it when I'm not dating someone but what are the chances of antiviral resistant hsv2 anyway? Thanks people!!
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