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  1. 19! I'm 30 now, and I am pleased to announce that I survived, what at 19 I thought was going to kill me. It gets better :-) just remain positive and honest, anyone who you disclose too will appreciate honesty above all, I know my man did :-) Megan
  2. Yes I have. When I'm on my meds I have more "problems" down there than when I am off meds. Not actual outbreaks but more like overall irritation. At my next doctors appointment I'm asking to switch brands to see if it is a type of reaction I am having.
  3. A history: So I have had herpes type 2 genital for over ten years, I finally met a man who excepted me for who I am and love me no matter what. I was straight forward fro day one and he told me how thankful he was that I told him because most girls he knew would not. Since that day our sex life has been amazing, but he did eventually get herpes from me (we use condoms 70% of the time, but not always) He does not care, because he loves me, but it has been rough on me knowing I passed it to him. Even before he contracted h from me we both gave each other oral on a regular basis and neither of us
  4. In the above post I mentioned "giving up" which is not what I should have said. I will not give up and I will get through this just like I do with every other difficult situation life gives me. I do have many questions though, the biggest one being: if have the hpv strain that causes warts to appear is that the only strain that can be pasted to my boyfriend? Or can I give him the cancer strain? When I tell him tonight and if he is ok with it like he was with herpes knowing he might get warts that can be removed. But I don't think I could live with knowing that I could cause cancer in him. Does
  5. So I have had a small growth of skin on the outside of my vagina for over a year now it looks like a skin tag, did not itch or hurt. and it has been seen by a few doctors who never said anything about it. Later in the month I am going to see my long distance boyfriend and hopefully have sex for the first time (he knows I have herpes hsv2). I went to the doctor to have the growth removed because it was hard to shave around she sent it to get biopsied, and called me today and said the test came back and said " it is most likely HPV" the test did not comeback 100% conclusive but most likely. I
  6. There is no better teacher than experience. Your hope has to remain greater than the pain.
  7. I agree we should not look at dating with H any differently than we did without it (beside the disclosing and honesty of course). We still need to look for characteristics in our potential partners that will help us become better people and make us shine not hold us down and belittle us. And the first couple dates and weeks are the perfect time for all those things to be put on the table, the "getting to know you" stage of a relationship is a time that can make or break a potential relationship I take them very seriously. Your right it is a mindset and a respectful connection, no you do not ha
  8. I have had H for over ten years. I don't always get flu shots but some years I do. I have never had a bad reaction when getting the shot. If your doctor recommends it I say go for it, as long as your doc knows you have herpes I don't think they would recommend you get the shot knowing you would have a bad reaction, and of course the pros of getting the shot would probably out weigh the bad reaction anyhow. I do not usually get the flu (wether I get the shot or not) but I guess that depends on you and your history with winters and getting the flu. I am clearly not a doctor but in my experience
  9. Thanks greeneyes!! I think he really loves me too! And your right he had plenty of time to back out of this relationship since it is long distance it would be so easy to stop answering the phone when I told him but for 9 months he still answers :) Disclosures are hard but they empower us to respect our bodies (which I know I didn't before) and to practice honesty and integrity and protect our partners. It's been my experience when disclosing that I am the only who thinks its a big deal. Most educated people know the facts and know it's really not as serious as society makes it out
  10. I have had herpes for years and years and in an effort to know my body better and not spread it to my boyfriend I have a few questions about Prodrome Symptoms in women. I got herpes when I was 19, so in my opinion I was very young, un-educated and extremely irresponsible. I never cared about "knowing my body" I just told my partners, insisted on condoms, and avoided sex with an outbreak. Now I am 29 and starting to want to understand my body and what it is telling me. I have read the handouts on this forum about the symptoms, I know it says burning, itching, and tingling are signs that an out
  11. For some reason I am unable to view any of the Doctors videos????
  12. So here's and update.... 10 months later and this is still a long distance relationship, we have not seen each other due to me deciding to up and move back to Massachusetts and get a new job and start my life over up here. The relationship is still going strong but the plans to see each other have been put off. The talks we have are getting more frequent and more romantic. As I said before when I disclosed to him he was kind of like "ok, it's cool we'll talk about it later". Recently ( 9 months after telling him) he has started asking more questions and I am answering him to the best of my a
  13. Was at the doctors today and asked about a canker sore, she assured me that a canker sore is NOT herpes :) I had the same concern as you.
  14. We all know what a herpes outbreak feels like, but does viral shedding feel like anything or no?
  15. Thank you!! One quick question?? Is the risk 0% if a c-section is chosen? Can it be passed to the baby thru the womb or blood? Or just the vaginal canal and genitals?
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