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  1. Awesome stuff right here and wow....he has it and didn't know! So glad to hear all is well!!!
  2. Yes, come clean. Assure him you were safer than most he could have slept with and move on. He may even have it himself
  3. Well, yes....you can get H from a one night stand. Obviously, this depends on if the one night stand is with/without protection, with/without outbreak/ prodrome symptoms, with/without knowledge of having H/ with/ without anti viral....list goes on. It's less likely from a one night stand provided the person with H knows their status, uses protection, is on anti viral or is without outbreak
  4. I've had hvs2 for 35 years and never passed it on so good luck!!!
  5. Just tell the Dr you are having loads of Ob's and constant prodrome. If he doesn't comply, I'd find another. It's not like you are asking for narcotics!!!
  6. I read somewhere that if you have hvs2 you can not get hvs1. However, the same is not true the other way around. He can get hvs2 from you. Having said that, you are on anti viral and if you use condoms, the risk is quite low female to male.....with no ob. Hopefully someone else will have a more definite answer
  7. Yes, unequivocal does mean "leaving no doubt".....your number seemed pretty low. I've had this 35 plus years, but there is plenty I don't know. I just know the chances are quite low in the situation you were in, but not impossible. I would definitely get tested again. In the meantime, you can go to "Westover Heights" website which is questions answered by a very well known herpes specialist (I'm sure her title is much more sophisticated) Terri Warren. You will learn a ton by reading her answers. She also has written a book called "The good news about the bad news."
  8. I'm not a guy, but I wonder if you got this from the escort or if you had this and it just didn't present till now? I guess, I'm wondering because a one night stand using a condom is pretty low risk esp female to male. I'm sorry you are so depressed, but pick yourself up and move past this. It will get better with time. Go back and read @hippyherpy posts from beginning to end. You'll feel better about this.
  9. Well, you can always tell your Dr you are having ob's every month so he will prescribe daily dose. After all, it's not a narcotic. That's what a lot of people end up doing
  10. My initial ob 35 plus yrs ago was inside and very painful. After that (no prodrome) just redness followed by blisters.if you aren't on anti viral, I strongly recommend daily use. It's a life changer for most
  11. I'm on acyclovir....going on two yrs. Zero ob's.....about 6 times per yr not on meds.
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