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  1. thanks Adrial! I really don't know what I'd do without your knowledge! I very much appreciate it all! And no I definitely do not want to pass it!
  2. so what about if I'm wearing boy shorts? And he's naked? What about fooling around with the hands... in and around my nether regions? Lol I sound so weird asking.
  3. I know about viral shedding and how it can be spread that way. but I don't know when I'm shedding. And I met a guy. I don't want to tell him because I'm moving cross country in a month. we had a crazy make out session with everything on but our shirts. but would I be okaywith doing that make out session in my underwear? with grinding and all? foreplay? going down on him?
  4. I'm curious along the same lines. every time after I have sex (protected) I have an ob... normal? do you have that too?
  5. it pretty much is completely gone. desitin did the trick. that wouldn't happen with h right?
  6. Yes. thank you very much. I'm hoping what he had is just a fissure. I'm ok with having this but if I had somehow indirectly passed it to him....I don't know what I would do.
  7. and I don't know if I was having an active outbreak because it was before I was diagnosed.
  8. thanks so much Adrial. you really help. But if it's so hard to pass how do so many of us have it? And I asked my doctor if I had to wash the tub out after every time I take a bath so my son doesn't catch it and she said no. she said once it dries it's dead. and I've seen here that once it hits the air it dies. she said the only way to pass it and that would still be a slim chance would be to rub an open sore on the bath somehow and for that person to immediately rub a cut on it. true?
  9. and yes I clicked on the link and I've read those many times. and I also wanted to mention that my son's diaper rash matched the website as moderate. But he's also been diagnosed with yeast infections and I know this can cause little cuts...
  10. I'm scared cuz I can't remember if I sat him on my lap or anything. I'm terrified. and when I googled diaper rash destin's website had pictures to compare to. But can a diaper rash cause little cuts by his rectum? And I did but I was pretty crazy when I read everything so I will re read
  11. I googled it and some said yes some said no. I also asked my doctor and she said no. multiple times. before I got my dx I shared a bath with my son. I don't know if I was having symptoms or not. But now I'm concerned. can you pass it through the water? it's not like I rubbed my nether regions on him. But Google is saying there is a dilution factor. also my doctor said it passes through SKIN TO SKIN contact. please help!
  12. Woah. I'm hoping this is true too. any knowledge as to why they did another phase II? And I've never heard of aicuris. I know aic316 was the former name of pritelivir but what's aic246?
  13. Woah! Thanks Adrial! I love that they say it is badly needed! I agree!
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