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  1. I've only had one herpes outbreak since the initial one, and it wasn't bad at all. Still getting used to what the symptoms for herpes are, and was wondering if anyone (particularly female?) gets a sharp stabbing pain down there before an outbreak? I don't think I did the last time but I'm sure symptoms can change!
  2. Aw I'm so glad to be of some help :) I read so many negative stories when I first got diagnosed and whenever I found a gem of positive advice it helped so much so I thought I'd share :) x
  3. Hey guyys :) I'm a 19 year old UK female, diagnosed 9 months ago. Don't mind who wants to talk to me but I'd like a close enough age- up to about 25 :)
  4. You will definitely find someone :) They're not worth it if they can't handle something as minor as herpes!
  5. I just wanted to share my experience on here because it saddens me to see so many people so frustrated, worried and sad. When I first found out I got herpes, I was obviously devastated. I was very depressed and cried pretty much constantly for over a week. However- I told quite a few good friends and got their support, no judgement. Once you explain to them how common it is, they realise that it's not your fault and it's not life threatening- they gave me such good support :) Recently I disclosed to a new partner, the first I've had since contracting herpes 9 months ago. I didn't sleep wi
  6. Aww I feel for you! I'm on my second outbreak atm and as long as it isn't as bad as the first I'll be ok. The first one sucks majorly! I'm from the UK as well, to be honest I didn't find the acyclovir massively helpful as I was still in agony for the best part of 2 weeks- however I'd dread to think what would happen without it! Even with the anti-viral meds it'll still take a while to clear up unfortunately :( One thing I was prescribed was instillagel, which is the local anaesthetic lidocaine- LIFE SAVER. That and co-codamol and lots of rest. However, your positive outlook will help things
  7. Yep and on the bright side I don't have to worry about having something I don't know about! I think I am going to ask my doc about acyclovir now that I've had a second outbreak. Out of interest, I know that it won't be as severe as my first outbreak... but does it last for a shorter time as well?
  8. Got my answer this morning... blisters appeared unfortunately! :( Was hoping I'd never get another outbreak but if I only have 2 a year I can deal with that! Co-codamol and lidocaine gel for now until the wee bugger goes back into hiding!! Really hope the pain doesn't get any worse... I couldn't cope with it being as bad as my first OB!
  9. Thanks for the input :) I don't take any anti-viral meds, doctor said there was no point really unless I was having major problems with recurrences- and thankfully I've been lucky in that respect! I'm hoping to wake up tomorrow and for the symptoms to be gone as it's been a few days now... fingers crossed!
  10. Pros: Sites like this make you realise that it soo isn't a big deal! It also makes you think more about potential partners- I've disclosed to someone I started seeing and he was fine about it! Used condoms and absolutely no problems :) You gain more respect for yourself too! Once you've had your first outbreak... you've had it and the next one won't be as bad! Cons: It hurts like a bleeping bleep when you first get it! Thinking people will judge you if they find out. Oh and whenever someone makes a herpes joke... Not funny :/
  11. I'm literally willing for any feedback so I appreciate it anyway! :P Yeah all the links I found on Google weren't particularly helpful about second outbreak symptoms so thought I'd ask on here :) At least this time I'm emotionally able to cope a lot better- I've already disclosed to a guy I've started seeing and he was absolutely fine with it :) I don't feel completely devastated this time... just fed up with the discomfort!
  12. Also- although the pain and itching is definitely rather uncomfortable- it's nowhere NEAR as bad as the first outbreak! I've been able to function pretty much normally, unlike the first time when I was in bed crying my eyes out for nearly 2 weeks!
  13. Hey gals, I got my first outbreak about 9 months ago... and I'm not sure if I'm having a second outbreak now or not! I just took my pill break and had my time of the month, I know that it can bring on another outbreak. But I can't work out if it's herpes or just a bad case of thrush? I've been using Vagisil for the pain and also canesten in case it is just thrush... I haven't been able to go to the doctor's yet. Basically my symptoms are constant itching and stinging, and it stings really badly when I go to the loo — like it did on my first herpes outbreak. But I don't have any sores at all?
  14. I'm 19 as well and when I got it from personwhoshallnotbenamed, I was so angry and devastated. But I've been lucky not to have any outbreak since then (fingers crossed!) and I live my life as normal! There really is such a bad association with herpes, when tbh it could be so much worse. For a start, out of all the STDs, it's really one of the least damaging! It doesn't affect fertility and it can be controlled, it's just controlling your feelings about it. It isn't your fault that you got it, but it's something that we all have to deal with here! I don't think it means you can never have
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