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  1. Hi. I have been gone for a bit and this is my first post in a bit but I can tell you this happens to me. I haven't heard others say it and I know it's not Supposed to but it does. In fact my outbreaks have never been painful and this is my only sign most times.
  2. So this is a timely discussion for me. I was diagnosed last July. I still can't figure out when I am having an outbreak but I have, since then had my first UTI and also noticed I have a stench. I think it's associated with urine tho. I take valtrex daily. I have been wondering if that was what was responsible for the smell. At then end of the day when I undress it is obvious to me, so it's not just when I go to the restroom. Any one have thoughts on this (valtrex)as a cause?
  3. i had a strong fear / anxiety of this when I was diagnosed in July. I still worry but I did get on a daily antiviral. After talking to my eye doctor, she told me that it would be highly unlikely for this to affect your eye if you are taking an antiviral. Also, this doesn't last long at room air so you would literally likely have to go from lesion to eye in under like ten seconds.
  4. I went through all this as well. I know, one morning before a 9 am doctors visit, I counted. I washed my hands about 50 times while getting ready in the morning. I wear contacts so I was terrified of getting this in my "good vision"eye. I told her that morning and she calmed me down. but this also led to me being on a daily antiviral. I feel much better. It mostly like i am taking it for my anxiety. I still deal with lots of anxiety. Like a recent UTI that required two rounds of antibiotics that is necessitating an add on visit with my OB / gyn. I do have to say tho, adding the daily antiviral calmed me down.
  5. I used tampons. I acutally found it more convenient...perfect excuse to avoid sex right
  6. My initial outbreak was like yours. It dragged on....there was a small skin lesion on my cheek (if you will) then I just kept having more things. I def. had initial flu like symptoms and swollen lymph nodes and exhaustion. I didn't have a lot of pain but I did have itching. I did have a little success with diaper rash creme (the really thickstuff) but the most success I had was using Benadryl. Also I have only had one real outbreak since then -- I take daily valtrex -- and it was hardly anything. Really tho, try Benadryl.
  7. I did leave something out of my last post. In case anyone was looking for the difference...with a UTI you have painful urination at the start and end of peeing. With an OB, they pain is throughout the entire process.
  8. So I did finally get into see my doctor. Turns out it was a UTI. I also did have a concurrent outbreak but the UTI was actually worse. I likely waited to long to get it treated and was having some kidney pain. Finishing up antibiotics and hoping to out both the issues behind me for a bit.
  9. So my first outbreak was in July and I had pain and burning with urination that I initially assumed (hoped)was a UTI. It wasn't and I was eventually ,after my persistence and negative blood work diagnosed with HSV2. I thought I had had small times of symptoms but not nearly as bad. I take suppressive a daily Last weekend, I had some sinus issues and sore throat....and sex with the same person I have been with. I doubled up valtrex one day Since then I have had pain when I urinate, but haven't been able to get an appt with my PCP(nor will they let me just pee in a cup for diagnosis). I do know I am having an outbreak but the UTI symptoms are persisting. Is it worth my time and money to go to an urgent care...or is this just what I should expect my bad outbreaks to be like? AZO seems to clear up the pain and I am having some lower mid abdominal pain. And honestly, have not had any UTIs in the past so I don't know entirely what that are like, but I am urinating frequently, pain when I do (unless taking AZO) and having abdominal pain where my bladder sits. Anyone have any thoughts. If you have initial herpatic urinary pain will you have it with your outbreaks frequently? I didn't realize this if so. Thanks
  10. Hi all, I have posted recently about my new diagnosis (hsv2) and feeling like I cna't get over my initial / or repeatitive outbreaks. I went from getting episodic valtrex to calling and asking for suppressive. I went through my first bottle, taking two for the days I was having symptoms (well three days of two a day) and called to get my refill. I can't refill though b/c I went through them too quickly. So what do you do in this case. Does the DR. Give you two prescriptions? At this point I have been off for one day and I am already having pains shooting down my buttocks and left leg. Is that just something I am supposed to get used to? Do the suppressive stop that? I am very frustrated I feel like my body hasn't normalized at all. I have one new small red spot and I don't know if it's an outbreak or not. I am just very confused by what is and is not an outbreak. Any break I take from my valtrex results in symptoms. I. Just don't know where to go from here. It seems like this won't stop and I want to get back to normal. I have gone back and forth on seeing an infectious disease specialist. I have n the past been questions about auto immune disease but have not followed through b/c I didn't want to get saddle with.a diagnosis that wasn't really something that was bothering me. Now I am wondering if that is causing this to be so constant. Sorry I have so many questions. I have called my OB / gyn regarding a refill and have not gotten a return call for over 24 hours. It's just frustrating. So basically my real point in this post is how do you deal with episodic mess and suppressive mess?
  11. Benadryl works to reduce that too. I have used it post op and recently during my first outbreak....it really reduced the itching. And it's cheap and easy to get
  12. @MMissouri I thought that about the first one. I don't think it has ever completely gone. When I went for an exam she thought it had because the one small spot had cleared but that was external I felt like I had some internal that maybe she didn't see. Most days so far I have been at least itchy or felt "crawly and creepiness" or just random shooting pains. I would say I haven't had one completely symptom free day. Making me jealous of people who have recovered soooo quickly. I do realize I am lucky that my sores are not as painful as others have said theirs are. I have had so few external bumps and sores that I have been wondering if I have ever really gotten all the way through my initial outbreak. I started suppressives last week but up until then I have been back and forth off and on the valtrex. I went up to two again yesterday b/c I felt like I had a new "spot" that was painful but I don't see an area with bumps but it feels like a small cut / hemmoriod. Its confusing and I feel like no one gives much information to start with. Thanks for the response. I know about the stress and it sucks b/c I have such bad anxiety about my life right now.
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