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  1. I had my first OB over thanksgiving, it was pretty painful but only lasted about 10 days. And I'm at the end of my second one now. It started Sunday and is actually healing really quickly and wasn't to bad. I believe this one is a reaction to poor diet choices. I had a lot of beer and some caffeine and a slice of bread. I totally strayed from my diet plan.
  2. I'm newly diagnosed and emotionally I'm mostly good.. I am still close friends with the guy who gave it to me, he didnt know he had it, we were tested his IGG was positive mine was negative, but I was having my first outbreak and swabbed positive, and He's been incredibly kind and supportive during both of my outbreaks. My biggest concern with all of this is eating a diet that will keep the outbreaks away and still maintaining a healthy balance. But if you're a fellow vegan you know how hard it is. I've given up a lot, but, peas, corn, rice, wheat and the list goes on. I'm eating incredibly
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