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  1. Okay, thanks Judith and Kristin. I have been stressing out a lot lately. I'll need to set up an appointment!
  2. Because I had my period on the 15th of May and two weeks later it came back. I had it for five days and went away, that was on the 29. Now it's back again. I was wondering if it could have something to do with having the H?!?
  3. Adrial, I love it, too! Thanks for changing it for me. :) I know, I'm just at that stage of healing and not letting myself put me down. And remember that.
  4. Hello Chase, It's a very hard situation to be in and it puts you down, but we're not alone. I'm here if you need someone to talk to.
  5. Sorry I've been MIA but I will get on that list and stay more positive about this. Thanks again, Brenda. Lots of love ans hugs to you as well :)
  6. I've had time to think about it and read what everyone had to say about it, it made me realize that it's not a bad thing to have. I just want to say thank you guys for telling me not to be harsh on myself. I do need to learn to love myself, it's been a problem of mine for the longest. I am my biggest critic. I'm glad I joined this site! :) thank you, WhoopsiDaysi for the kind words! :D
  7. Adrial, I know it's a bit harsh to have it as my name. I'd like for you to change it to what you suggested, I do need to love myself! And be able to face this. It will take time, but I can see that this forum will help me get through it. Haha thanks for the laugh about the "ever lovin' shit outta you" Thanks for telling me that, I just have no one to talk to and I've kept it in for way too long, thought it was time to let out all the negative, and put in some positive in my life. I love this site already! :) Thanks again.!
  8. Hey Effemmell, you're right, it might not be it, but then it might be true. I'm going to set up an appointment and go this time, I'll be by myself but, I'll never know until I get checked. I found this site, and I'm glad I did, seeing what everyone has to say about it makes me feel better. And that I'm not alone. Thanks for writing me, means a lot to know I have someone to talk to and get this off my chest. Lots of love to you, too. :)
  9. I'm pretty sure it is H. It started back in November 2011. I started itching down there and a week later I found a bump. I freaked out, and had an appointment set to go see what it was. But I never went, too scared and ashamed. It went away after three days. And it would itch every so often. That stopped in January 2012. I still thought I had it, so I told myself I wouldn't date anymore. Everything was fine until the other day I found a bump, it doesn't hurt that much, but it itches! I hate myself for what I have and I'll get into it on how I got it later on. I need to go get checked but no one to go with me for moral support. Too ashamed to say anything, (family full of judgemental people) I have thought about killing myself multiple times because of this. I need someone to talk to. Btw, My name is Lindsay, and I'm 22 years old.
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