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  1. Hi there, I have HSV2 & I had a baby in September. You will be fine. As long as your doctor knows and continues to monitor you, all will be well. I have friends who have delivered vaginally with H2 & they had no problems. Due to medical complications, I had to be rushed in for an emergency cesarean. Wishing you and your sweet baby girl all the best.
  2. Click the three lines above within the blue runner. Click the double message (speech bubble) icon. Click compose new message. Type in the username of the individual with whom you’d like to connect and then compose your message.
  3. I got my results back & they were negative for both HSV1 & HSV2.
  4. I just got my results back. My results were negative for HSV1 & HSV2. I'm confused and traumatized because I know I have HSV1. I no longer have faith in any of the tests. https://ibb.co/7tsX7gF
  5. I’m still waiting for my results. I tested in 2014, I tested positive positive HSV1 (2.88) & HSV2 (1.26). I tested a week later and the results were equivocal (0.90). Afterwards, all of my tests have been negative <0.90. I feel that my results will be positive because I have mild itching & leg pain when I sleep in a position for a while. This is very scary in my opinion. If I’m showing negative on a test but am actually positive, imagine how many others could possibly do the same? It is going into third week after testing for me. I should have my results this week. I’ll definitely share.
  6. Prayerfully. I’m not wholly convinced. I like the research, but nothing has been successful. EVER! If this is successful, I’m certain big pharma which pays/funds the FDA will have the treatment halted to preserve the interests & assists of their initiatives: Valtrex & acyclovir.
  7. Hi Kacey, I am sorry to hear about your traumatic past. I know becoming intimate with someone after that can cause all types of emotions. Then to find someone you vibe with, must have put you at ease. I am so happy you found a guy that you felt comfortable enough with to try & be intimate again. H can cause us to stop living especially when all you think about is having it. After not experiencing outbreaks, I can understand your thoughts. You thought all was well when you engaged in a little foreplay. I would not beat yourself up just yet. I would get the rash swabbed, if possible, to see if it is herpes and to find out the type of it if it is herpes. This would inform you and help put you at ease. I know everyone likes to spat facts as if they’re a walking herpes almanac. Most people who reply are going to say after having it for a while that you can autoinoculate yourself because your body has built up a sense of immunity. However, I disagree. The rash may be acne (positive thoughts). I am not encouraging nondisclosure; I am saying make sure that you are sure that your symptoms are herpetic before you beat yourself up. And if your symptoms are herpetic, give yourself a break. You didn’t wake up with thoughts of being deceitful. Things happened, you felt wanted, & acts occurred. If you feel the need to have him tested, do it. I’ve been where the guilt of engaging in a simple act makes you so worried it consumes you. For peace of mind, do what is best for you. Because I experience extreme levels of anxiety, my peace comes from disclosing early on so my anxiety stays at a healthy level. Hugs & best wishes.
  8. I understand both schools of thought on the topic. Pheobe, like you, I have also have questionable test results. I was diagnosed is June 2014 with a low-value IGG (0.92); it was right above the cutoff. I retested & the next time the results were equivocal. Since then, I’ve tested every year and my results are negative. I tested in July before I gave birth & I recently tested last week. I am also in the process of getting the Western Blot. I was shocked and hurt, when I was told that I had HSV2 in 2014. I, too, felt like I shouldn’t have to disclose. I felt like I got it because someone didn’t disclose to me, so why should I have to be a saint. But then I thought about how I’d like someone to handle the situation if the roles were reversed. AlthOugh I don’t have a definitive answer to whether or not I have herpes, I operate like I do. Perhaps it’s my Puritanical upbringing, but I believe that you should do unto others as you’d have them do unto you. Do I hate having herpes? F&@! Yes! Do I hide in shame when my friends make jokes about herpes? Yes! Was I one of those small-minded people before my diagnosis? Probably! I’ve learned through experience that the same thing that’ll make you laugh will also make you cry. Telling my then boyfriend was the most humiliating thing I’ve had to do to date & I’ve pissed on a lover in bed after a drunken night of passion. Aside from the shame, I feel good about myself for being honest with my partner. It all boils down to character for me: what you do when no one is watching or when no one knows the truth.
  9. I’m not one to scold you, but I honestly think that it is only right to disclose. How did you get herpes? How did you feel afterwards? If it was like majority of us here, you were surprised and felt deceived. More than likely, you went through a period of self pity. With that in mind, why would you put someone through that? It is truly despicable. Similarly, trying to rationalize and minimize the deceit is also utterly disgusting. I could not do it because I’m a firm believer in karma. Imagine that you hooked up with someone, because “hey, it’s just herpes,” and they were hiding something equally as bad and you acquired HIV. Would you be upset? What if they tried to rationalize having HIV like you tried to minimize having herpes? How would you feel? What if the person who gave you HIV said “it’s just like any other chronic illness-diabetes, Crohn’s disease, lupus?” Would you see their perspective on the subject? It’s your life and you will do what you think is best. However, I hope that you have enough empathy and compassion to not put someone through the hurt and life-altering anxiety that many people experience when they are initially diagnosed with herpes. Allow the other person to have a choice; give them what you, perhaps, did not receive.
  10. What are short-term levels?
  11. I would get a Western Blot; I’m in the process of doing the same.
  12. If you just want to know, sure. I went to an independent lab for my tests. I paid $80 and got my results. I did not have to use insurance. you can search for any lab that offers std testing. https://www.anylabtestnow.com/locations/
  13. Hi & welcome, Getting an initial diagnosis can be pretty devastating. I’ve been there; it’s safe to say that most people on this site have been there. When you found out, did the nurse or doctor not indicate the type of HSV? For what it’s worth, herpes is herpes in my opinion. There isn’t a joy of having one over the other. I would like to not have either HSV1 or HSV2, yet here we are. Don’t let this get you down. Over analyzing the situation isn’t going to change the outcome; over analyzing will simply rob you of any joy that you can have. I was doom and gloom when I found out that I lost 3-4 years of my life. I’m still losing moments due to regret, shame, & fear. Find someone to talk to who knows that “H” isn’t the end of your life or sexual life. I, like you, believed that but my husband (then boyfriend) did not. Just as he accepted me, someone will accept you. You’re more than herpes. As for your friends, there’s probably someone in your circle that is afraid to say anything for fear of being ridiculed. If there isn’t, that doesn’t make you any less lovable. I hope you realize that this isn’t your fault and it doesn’t define you. May you find comfort soon. Message me if you need to talk/vent/whatever.
  14. Do you know why she suggested taking antihistamines? Is to relieve the itching?
  15. Thank you for the well wishes. I guess I’ll never know unless I get a Western Blot. I had a spinal tap because I felt bad once and I thought for sure the virus would’ve been detected. The results came back negative. My mouth dropped. when I asked the doctor about the results, he informed me that if I had HSV1/2 it would’ve shown during the analysis of the spinal fluid. SMH! My husband and I were shocked; well, mostly me because my husband believes that I don’t have HSV.
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