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  1. thanks for all your support. im ready for a positive change with positive people:)
  2. i wish my parents would have given me the "safe sex" talk sooner,
  3. i think judgment on myself has been my greatest downfall. im working to overcome this though:) offering my support and time for anyone who needs it<3
  4. im debating trying this daily suppressive therapy. my only concern is it being harmful to my overall health. going to give it a shot to see if it helps my outbreaks:)
  5. hello lovemyself. i too am in the same situation. im 18 and male.
  6. thank you for all the support. i feel a lot better after reading and watching your videos. they really helped calm me and show me that there actually are human beings in this world.
  7. basically i am brand new. dont really know what to think about it but its very depressing. i want to curl up and hide under a rock. although i know that isnt the answer. sometimes i wish it was
  8. things will get better. thats what this site has tought me. there is hope:)
  9. hello everyone:) glad to join the community. going to try and make it to the next seminar:)
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