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  1. There's a lube on amazon from the makers of herp b gone that's supposed to be good! I just use coconut oil though!
  2. I'm trying to keep my bf (future hubby-God willing) negative and it is stressing me out to the max!!
  3. I just started acyclovir and have long thick hair! I'm worried now so I'd live to know the answer as well. Also, I know I'm to take the acyclovir twice a day...but how many hours apart?
  4. A doctor told me the numbers ONLY mean negative or positive and they can raise or lower over the years...
  5. I never had an initial outbreak to my knowledge...and I can't tell when I'm having an outbreak now ...it's a blessing but it's weird not knowing.
  6. You're both right! I think they're so afraid of the psychological damage. But I think if it were standard the stigma would lesson tremendously!
  7. Hi, sweets! I was just diagnosed about a month ago as well. I'm 26. I know EXACTLY how you feel. I am SO sorry you're going through this and you're a virgin! I'm also pretty asymptomatic. First were you diagnosed via igg? How long ago was the rubbing incident. If it's an igg of 8.81 is sounds like it's an old infection. Antibodies don't usually show up until about 3-6 months after exposure. Some things that have been helping me are researching Dr. Kelly Shuh, Dr. Sheila Loanzon and Kirsty Spraggon! Also taking lysine, vitamin D3 and b12. 1.) yes you are safe kissing guys! 2.) while it's possible to transfer herpes that's usually when you're symptomatic and newly infected. 3.)hsv2 does not prefer the mouth! While it's possible it's unlikely. 4.)experts say any index number over 3.5 is conclusive. Sending good thoughts and prayers your way! Hang in there! This doesn't define us! Xoxo
  8. So so so irresponsible of them. But this is so true. My gynecologist was actually upset that I went and got a blood test because I'm asymptomatic (if I have outbreaks I don't know)...but the psychological part has really done a number on me mentally. I do sometimes wish I was living in ignorant bliss then I realize how silly that is.
  9. I've read somewhere that sometimes the antibodies become undetectable...weird.
  10. That is so bizarre but I've heard of it happening.
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