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  1. My girlfriend wants to do oral on me and "swallow". I know for vaginal sex definitely we'd have to use a condom, but not sure for oral. I know HSV2 prefers the genital area. Would it be better for her to just use her hands to avoid the extended oral contact and then just make me "finish" in her mouth? The "swallowing" thing apparently is important to her because she's persistent with it. So is it in semen? Having the green light to just "do it" sounds too good to be true. So I'd like to know how to do this safely. Thank you. (I was diagnosed more than 10 years ago and I'm asymptomatic)
  2. Ok good...... Cuz i'm "holding back" when we are intimate... and she is noticing it......I do wear a condom though. I was hoping I could let go of this concern and "go deep" if there is really nothing to be worried about.
  3. I have had ASYMPTOMATIC HSV2 for years. My girlfriend of recent months has revealed that she is also HSV2 positive but she DOES get the outbreaks. If we were to have unprotected sex, could I now contract a different strain? Or is it just ONE strain of HSV2, and our bodies just react to it differently? I don't want to reject her, but I also don't want to become symptomatic... Unsure how to handle this delicate issue. Thank you.
  4. You didn't disclose too soon, you wouldn't have been able to enjoy your times together with that shit lingering in the back of your head. If he'd been the right one, no matter when you said it, he would have stayed. The best thing you can do is stop contact and save your dignity. When people want to talk, they dam well know how to do so, and if they're not doing it, that should be an answer for you. Character flaw if he doesn't give you a straight answer, and he probably won't, that's how most people operate, you should be mature enough to understand that. Whenever you finally get over it
  5. Thank you! If it's asymptomatic, how do you know if it's genital or oral? Because I've heard it can live in both places. I have taken the Herpeselect Test TWICE, and they've both come back positive (Only Type 2 reactive). Count higher than 5.
  6. New found Love, things are happening fast, it's hard to keep my hands off. I'm trying my hardest to stay away and remain in that friend-zone for just a little while longer, but she's my kryptonite; everytime we are in the same room, sparks begin to fly by spontaneous combustion. I want to build trust before I drop this bomb; she always finds an excuse to hold my hands, and steal a kiss, I pull back, but she knows what she wants, and takes it. I can't help but dread exposing her to it while we kiss. I don't know if we're strong enough to have that talk yet, I feel that this has potential to go
  7. No I actually have never had it swabbed, and as I said it's been a couple years since it happened, so that would be impossible at this time. It happened about 5 times total since 2010 or so...., the first 3 being the worst and more frequent, and I was ignorant, nor had the proper medication to attack it; it came in a single spot about 1 cm round and it was ugly. The last two times I was ready, and hit that MF with Valtrex when I felt the swelling coming, and the skin didn't even break before it dissappeared, so the Valtrex definitely did something. That's why I don't think it's unrelated, bec
  8. So, I know my HSV-2 Infected site, and that is, on the bottom of my chin (apparently this is rare). The only way I can think of how I got this was going "down" on a girl a long time ago. Every time the outbreak happens in the exact same spot, at the bottom of my chin on the bottom left corner of my face. Haven't had one in a couple years luckily, but I still test positive for Type 2, and NOT Type 1 antibodies. Never had an outbreak in the genital region, where Type 2 is supposed to house, not even a tingle. So I'm convinced that area must be free from infection. The question is, (1) kno
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