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  1. Thanks to you both for writing back! I got the results of the igg back and am officially dealing with herpes type 2. My doctor prescribed me 1000mg of valtrex a day for 3 months to see how it goes. 5 days into the dosages and nothing has changed (had 1 small outbreak heal and another begin) but i remain hopeful that the medication just needs a bit of time to jive with my body...or these herpes are resistant as all get out. I have recently cut down drastically on my cigarette smoking and began a jogging and body weight workout program in an attempt to up my immune functions. I am trying very hard to remember that this is a test, however awful things seem to get. This forum is not bursting at the seams with members but I really do feel that everyone who posts is doing a great service to anyone looking for guidance, kind words or just to know that they are not alone.
  2. Hey people. Twenty-four year old male here. I have been reading this forum for a few months now and have found some healing words and ideas spread throughout. Now for my first post. I was diagnosed by visual examination in October of last year to have hsv-2. Just last week I went to get an igg test and am awaiting the results. My primary outbreak occurred in May of last year, although it took two more outbreaks for my doctor to identify it as stemming from a herpes infection. So, primary in May, following outbreak (worse than the primary) in September, one more immediately following it (which led to a diagnosis and valtrex prescription). Then two months later another outbreak in December and like clockwork, another in February. All of these outbreaks lasted two to three weeks. Since the end of the February outbreak, around the middle of March, I have had a series of what I will call mini-outbreaks. In different places each time, but all in the same general zone, I will experience minute prodrome tingles once or twice each day before a mini-outbreak. Then a lesion will form, erupt and heal within one to two or three days at the most. Valtrex does not seem to be doing anything since I believe it is most effective for outbreaks four to six times a year, not the hyper-recurrent stuff that I am currently dealing with. I am going back to see about an acyclovir prescription which, from what I have read, should help with what is going on here. Has anyone else experienced this kind of cycle where the outbreaks start off spaced apart, lasting two to three weeks, and then accelerate in frequency but decrease in severity? I am holding out hope that since I am in my first year of infection my body will get a handle on this ridiculousness sooner or later.
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