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  1. @Abv0707 I'm so happy everything worked out for you! I really needed to read something like this tonight! :) :)
  2. Hi @Tif1212 I understand you completely. Diagnosed at 23 years old. Met a guy and we clicked instantly! We went out continued planing other dates. This one date was on a Friday. I found out I was positive that Tuesday and told him on Wednesday because I knew what was going to happen, because it happened after our last date. So I decided that I needed to tell him before the Friday date. Anyways, I told him on Wednesday, he seemed pretty knowledgeable, and sort of what it means. He said he would go and get tested and mentioned our date, I didn't want him to just be polite and keep the date. I stopped him and told him to think about that very carefully because I was still in shock so he must have be too. He said he would and that he'd text me. So Friday rolls around and I still haven't received a text. It's 10 AM and we're supposed to be going out at 8PM-ish. I freaked, I didn't want to get rejected so I texted him that we had fun, but maybe things should end there. I never heard from him again. I feel better that I was able to do it first, but also not really because I honestly don't even think he was ever going to get in touch with me. I'm talking to someone knew, and I'm terrified about it. I'd love to crawl under a rock. I have the same moments. Today I'm fine, I can live with this, it doesn't define me. Fast forward to tonight and I'm crying, completely unsure about my future, about life. I wish I could offer advice, I really do, but when everyone says that the person that rejects you isn't right for you because they can't accept you the way you are, is true. There will come a time when that is your reality. It's just going to take a little time, a lot of disclosure and tons of strength to get there. What I can offer you is the peace of mind that you aren't alone. We, all of us, here on this blog are in it together. I'm so very thankful to have found it. Sending you positive thoughts!
  3. @aries oh I see, I'm sorry!! My blood test came back positive for both, but I've had hsv type 1 since I was a child. It's hard to process, I had to call them back after they called with the results because I was in shock, it took me about two days to process everything. But when I called back I was able to ask all the necessary questions and really understand what all of this meant for my future. Hang in there!
  4. @aries I haven't told any family members yet! Thank you!! I'm getting a lot better at being positive! :) that's good news! Your culture must be negative too then otherwise you'd have the antibodies in your blood! Right??
  5. Hi @aries !! I think it's a shock at any age! Let me tell you it does er better! Everyday and with everything I read on this forum, I feel so much better about being able to live with the diagnosis! It helps so much to have someone to talk to though, I've only told about three people in my personal life and at the moment I'm not seeing anyone since the same week I was disgnosised I told the guy I had a great date with and he bailed, with no notice after I told him. :( anyways I'm not going to let it slow me down! Stay positive! I'm always available to chat! :)
  6. @ononotme be confident! I'm just recently diagnosed and the more posts I read that tell me to be confident, really make me feel confident! If you don't have active outbreaks you still need to be careful but like 90% of the United States has the antibodies like you do but no symptoms. I agree with looking over the material success stories just to remind you that it isn't the worst thing that could happen. Wishing you the best!! :)
  7. They can give you a blood test to see if you have either type of HSV, then give you an antivirals to see if that'll help the pain go away! The symptoms other than an outbreak are flu like, but I think it can be different for everyone. Wish I could be more helpful!
  8. @New2this2017 I'm so sorry! I swore to myself since my diagnosis (less than a week ago) that I will never ever engage in anything intimate with any guy without them knowing I have something transmittable! I faced my first rejection yesterday. It's an annoying skin problem, you've got that right!! But managing it the right way can really improve the episodes! Also I've read other posts with index values, I don't know what they mean and I don't know my own but I heard something about if it's under a certain number there's a chance for false positive or something OR it means the antibody isn't strong enough in your blood yet. I've read both but don't quote me on that, I'm not educated enough on it! Haha I haven't started the antivirals yet, but I feel as good as I can for a 23 year that just recently had to reevaluate life! I figure I'll start then when I get my next outbreak or when I find someone worth taking a pill for everyday for the rest of my life. Until then I guess I'll just be celibate. I figure the easiest solution is to fall in love with someone else that has it. Try to stay positive :)
  9. @Lollyann76 thank you for that!! I received my first rejection, by not getting a call! I thought it would impact me more but I think I need to just need go cool it on the dating for a bit and instead find people I can talk to about it, like you mentioned. I'm so happy I though this site, if o didn't have the ability to read everyones experiences and was able to relate to the first initial feelings, I would still be out of my mind. Thank you so much! Trying to stay positive :)
  10. Thanks @sp0 !! Everyday I wake up thinking about it but you're right, I'm 23 and since that's the last thing on my mind, I figure I can cross that bridge when I come to it lol from what I've read it become part of you, part of everyday life. It'll just take a little while to sink in! Stay positive :)
  11. @New2this2017 when you were diagnosed did you have any other std tests done? If you never had a blister you could have hsv 1 without symptoms and you might have a different std. a lot of people have the virus in their blood without having symptoms. The pain is normally associated with the blisters but I've heard people also have flu like symptoms but since I had hsv 1 all my life, when I had an hsv 2 outbreak it wasn't all that painful, it was small and went away quickly.
  12. I didn't go to the dr for this specific problem or somewhat itchy, what I thought was a rash but nothing serious. Wanting to make sure it wasn't serious she tested it and I got the call that I was positive. I was in shock so I didn't ask all that many questions because I just didn't know what to ask and the call was at the worse time. I've always had mouth cold sores but never the other direction so I was just so surprised that this happened. But also not because I wasn't the type of person to ask someone to wear protection if they didn't offer first. I don't really know where to go from here. I've been with someone recently and told them about my diagnosis. I'm sort of still waiting for a response, but I'm prepared for a rejection. The first day was rough I cried all day. The though that giving birth to a child if I have an outbreak could mean a C-section instead makes my head spin, but I'm pretty young with no thought of having kids in the near future so I'm just psyching myself out. Anyways, I'm new here, please be nice to me :)
  13. JonSt, you can still have a real relationship, it'll just time to find someone that can accept t. There's nothing wrong with that. As for kissing babies, no one should kiss them as newborns, but once they reach about a year old the virus can't get hurt them the way it can when they're infants. Still never kiss a child or anyone for that matter with a active sore.
  14. Lollyann76, you're amazing! Good for you! I was just recently diagnosed and I'm still trying to figure it out. So far I've told the current guy I've been seeing that I was just diagnosed and I'm still waiting to hear from him again. I really appreciate you post! At the moment I just feel like my world is crumbling around me but your post gives me hope! Thank you!!
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