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  1. Hi, I'm on day 8 now of Valtrex for initial hsv1 genital ob. I've been noticing a warm sensation down the front of my calves the past few days. It comes and goes. Anyone else experience this?? It's very odd and new to me. My genital ob and flu symptoms are pretty much gone.
  2. @roxoo820 Hi, Yes I started taking valtrex last Tuesday around noon and by Friday night I was feeling much better.. sores almost totally healed by Saturday. I didn't have instant relief and my symptoms actually seemed to get worse for 1-2 days after starting meds but then it really kicked in! My outbreak was really bad. Probably close to twenty sores!
  3. Hi, first off I'm very sorry to know you're going through this. I know how painful and exhausting it is! I was diagnosed last Monday and test results confirmed diagnosis on Thursday. I was given Valtrex on Tuesday and took first dose around noon. My outbreak got worse and I still felt like I had the flu. It was horrible!! I had one sore on the inside of my mouth and a bunch on my vag. It burned really bad when I urinated. I took cool-warm baths up to 3x a day with baking soda (1/2 cup) or epsom salt (1/2 cup or more) and it really helped calm things for awhile after each. I soaked anywhere f
  4. I've had folliculitis in my genital area before (about 15 yrs ago) and had to try different meds to get it to fully clear up. You still ask to be tested for hsv1 & hsv2 but if more than one dr. Is telling you it's not Herpes I think it's probably not. Both dr.'s I saw for what I hoped was ingrown hairs last week told me it looked like herpes. They see these infections a lot. Good luck
  5. I'm not sure what to think because normally symptoms of primary outbreak show 2-12 days after contracting the virus. What were your symptoms of HPV outbreak? I had horrible first outbreak (HSV1- genital) with a lot of sores and fever, nausea, chills, sweats, sore throat. The sores developed within two-3 days and the other symptoms soon after
  6. Just want to say that I'm finally feeling some relief after being on meds for 4 days. I took my first dose of Valtrex on Tuesday afternoon and started to feel relief from bad hsv-1 genital outbreak and flu-like symptoms last night (Friday). Today I don't even think there are any sores present! I was diagnosed this week during an initial outbreak and have been very depressed but this has given me hope! I hope this post with help some of you have hope too.. that things will get better!
  7. @qwerty123 I'm so new to this! How do you know recurrent outbreaks for genital HSV-1 is low? I've just been diagnosed and battling first outbreak. Worried about the future. Also, I can still pass this to a partner genitally right? I'm not sure if it has to be passed orally which might be how I got it . So confused
  8. @new2this2017 Hi, I'm sorry we're in the same boat having genital HSV-1! I was diagnosed this week during initial outbreak. I'm wondering where you got info about HSV-1 causing less genital outbreaks than HSV-2. Also, I hope you're right!
  9. Hi, currently still experiencing my first outbreak. No fun! I've found taking cool-warm epsom salt or baking soda baths help. After bath I put on either coconut oil or cornstarch powder. Both seem to help. Especially the oil. I have noticed a foul odor in the past day. I can't really describe it other than maybe like a yeast infection smell. Is this related to HSV-1? Thanks for any advice ❤️
  10. @cecilia did you take meds during first outbreak? We're the subsequent outbreaks less severe? I'm so afraid I'll have many recurring and painful outbreaks as my immune system is weak. I'm glad you had help with your son. I do too some days when he goes with his dad. I'm about 1 week into this initial outbreak and can't imagine it lasting a month! The pain is bad and I'm exhausted and sleeping a lot. Even when I sit in the tub to relieve sores I doze off! I'm taking meds but don't feel they are helping much if at all. My dr contacted me today and said my son could only get infected through d
  11. I think with protection and no outbreak the chance is 4%. So I'm not sure what that changes to without protection. Also, taking meds reduces the risk in half from what I've read and more women have symptoms than men. I'm hoping since you're on meds he didn't get it. Maybe try to have a conversation with him soon.. might help you to get it off your chest. Best wishes
  12. @cecilia Thank you for your response. I have been so emotionally drained over this I contemplate suicide. I have been diagnosed with HSV1 orally and genitally and am so afraid I'll pass this to my 9 yr old son somehow. He's a very loving boy and always wants hugs and kisses and sometimes to share drinks and since my diagnosis this week I feel like I've failed him the most. My choice to have sex has now changed my relationship forever with him. I'm ashamed and heartbroken. To make things worse my outbreak is very slow to heal and I'm in excruciating pain genitally and the flu like symptoms p
  13. @tooyoungtocrumble Unfortunately not. My dr called after this message and said culture is positive for HSV1. because it's a new infection my body hasn't built up the antibodies yet which is why blood test is negative
  14. My dr just called and said the vaginal swab culture is positive for HSV1. I currently have a horrible outbreak in my vaginal area and one sore in my mouth. I'm hoping I never get visible sores on my outter lips
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