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  1. I appreciate the information a lot I've looked them up and will have the test done as soon as possible, I think your are right I am most concerned for this girl and I think I owe it to her. Thank you again for the help @spatx919
  2. Thank you for responding I appreciate it. On both visits no test was conducted the doctors simply asked me some questions and visually inspected the area after which telling me that I shouldn't have the screening done, this was after I had already come in and told the Dr I have dealt with extensively that I WANTED to have a full panel done to ensure it wasn't what I believed it to be. The second Dr also sided with the first but did say the only way to be certain was to have the test conducted. @spatx919
  3. Hello, I am quite new to the forum and joined out of a need for answers so hopefully someone can shed some light. I recently (maybe a month ago or more), after having unprotected sex (this was with a high school friend so I don't believe she'd have a reason to lie to me), had a small amount of white bumps appear on my pubic region and immediately launched into a full panic and rage. After wrestling with myself and my emotions for the rest of the day after discovering said sores I decided I had to see a doctor. I went to the first help clinic with which I have had many visits and all of which with correct diagnoses even when more "prestigious" doctors had gotten said diagnoses incorrect. I saw the doctor who typically treated me and was absolutely elated when he said I had just come down with something called folliculitis, I was prescribed a cream and everything cleared up in about a week no problem. Until the same thing came back, I went back immediately this time to the same clinic with a different doctor who I hadn't much worked with. I explained the situation, no pain, no discharge, very small effected area, and slight itch which seems to be caused by skin to cloth irritation but that is really it. He too gave me the same prognosis and treatment so why then does it seem like they are incorrect. I know I should get tested but I have no idea how to go about doing so and am terrified of what I believe to be the truth, even worse yet is I finally started going with a girl I've been lusting after for years and while I've had anxiety since I can remember it has never been this bad as to where I can hardly function. I know this is a lot of text but any help or guidance would be immensely appreciated I just want to know how to move forward from here.
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