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  1. Your symptoms pretty much mirror mine, although mine aren't quite that regular. My outbreaks are always paper cut like lesions in almost always one of three places. My "outbreaks" are so non-herpes like that when I was initially seen by a doctor for the sore she said "I will test you for herpes but this doesn't look like herpes". I will also say I have HSV2. Are you taking daily anti viral medication? I am not and I typically have an outbreak once every three-ish months, sometimes longer sometimes shorter. I am not regularly sexually active so for me personally, I'd rather not pump my body wit
  2. I don't know much about the western blot test, but if you have an open sore, a swab test I would think would be relatively reliable. I certainly wouldn't take any more medications for herpes unless you have a diagnosis. Going off symptoms alone with herpes is super hard because there are people like myself who literally have never had a standard outbreak. Best of luck with your upcoming appointments and kick that doctor you were seeing to the curb. Doesn't sound like they know what they're doing
  3. Your herpes symptoms sound almost identical to mine. The only "outbreaks" I've ever gotten are very tiny invisible to the untrained eye paper cut like sores. Almost always in the same two spots. Anyone looking would never be able to spot them. Did the doctor not take a swab of the cut and test that? Seems insane to prescribed medication off of an assumption. Blood tests are also known to be unreliable because it's based off of antibodies I believe, and everyone will have different levels at different times. If you still have a sore go back and ask for it to swabbed and tested. If not see if th
  4. @mr_hopp I love the one liner at the end! I will be trying that out when this is all over! I guess for me the trepidation lies in my belief that herpes is still so stigmatize. I have mostly accepted what you said above as fact, “herpes is a simple skin condition and far less significant than something like COVID” (I only put mostly because I still have my good day’s and bad). But forced to make an immediate choice of battling COVID or risking getting herpes my guess is many many people would take the COVID. I am of course guessing and generalizing which I shouldn’t do. I also know fro
  5. Hey everyone, I haven’t posted on here in quite a while but for those of you who are new to their diagnosis I would highly recommend posting, reading and reaching out to other people on here. It massively helped me. I’m posting today because I’ve been thinking a lot about how the current COVID crisis might affect people’s willingness to be open to herpes. There is a lot of fear right now around this “virus” and while I obviously can’t date or look for casual situations currently, I’m worried that when things do get better people will have an even more heightened fear about herpes.
  6. @becominganewme I think i understand where you are coming from here. The thing is...your 20s (especially early twenties) are for experimenting, fucking new people if you feel like it, making mistakes and learning from them. I was never one to be real promiscuous but I do feel as though contracting HSV in my late twenties meant I did get to fuck around some and have some great and some not so great sexual encounters. I learned a lot about my sexuality from those partners and I think maybe that’s what you mean by “normal”...you feel you may miss out on those opportunities because of herpes
  7. @Jules1967 I think we all empathize with your feelings behind not wanting to use the terms disease and infection. Shit none of us want to think of ourselves or to have other feel as though we are a walking infection. That being said I agree that “immunity” isn’t the right word. There are other ways to accurately describe being HSV positive that don’t include those trigger words. Also just want to to comment on your statement that you don’t like to use infection or disease because it makes it sound like you are a “walking blister”. While it’s great you don’t have outbreaks very often, I d
  8. @Michgirl73 I totally get it. Disclosing isn’t easy but for me the first few were the scariest and it gets easier and easier every time. I tend to disclose over text if it’s someone I’m only interested in casually. I’ve disclosed in person as well...that was much more difficult emotionally and mentally. But again a wonderful learning and growing opportunity. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions! @Fmals I have a standing prescription. I keep some on hand in case I want to use it and also I’m case I meet someone I’m interested in and want to start taking it in preparation for
  9. Interesting...I see how this works as you being “immune” to herpes has only occurred because you have already acquired it. I guess my only worry with this type of disclosure is that to me, it seems like a game of semantics. Using words like immunity might confuse them and lead to them not really understanding what you are telling them. It sounds like you’re being careful in explaining they can acquire HSV from you, that’s important and hopefully helps clear and question marks up. Personally I've used “I was exposed to herpes and am now a carrier”. It allows me to explain without using tho
  10. @Fmals of course! I find it’s important for my journey to continue to post even if it’s not as frequent. Happy to help as much as I can! To be honest I’ve never had a stereotypical outbreak. I’ve read a lot of stores about painful initial outbreaks, luckily I haven’t dealt with that. I didn’t even notice anything was off other than a small cut and was diagnosed by swab from that. I’m not in a relationship and don’t have a steady sexual partner so I’m also choosing to not take any sort of daily medication. Every couple of months I would say I get a small sore, it’s pretty regular still fo
  11. I just passed my two year anniversary of my HSV diagnosis. I can’t believe another year has gone by. Ive used this site less and less over the two years. Not because I don’t find it helpful, but because as time goes on my HSV weighs on my mind less and less. To those new to this is does get better, if you let it. Work on accepting your new circumstances and try to recognize it changes nothing about you. For me it also helped to put herpes in perspective and compare it to other possible circumstances. Or ask myself if I could never travel again but I got rid of my herpes, would I take th
  12. In my opinion you havent done anything wrong, you didnt expose him in any way to the virus. The only thing that could maybe be considered insensitive is that you took your relationship to a physical level with him (which can also sometimes advance peoples feelings emotionally) without giving him all the information to your circumstances. He may have preferred he had that information mentally before he brought the relationship to any sort of physical level. But I wouldn't stress over it. And to answer your question dating does have an added level to it, but you most certainly can still d
  13. I have no idea if they do, but maybe contact your local Planned Parenthood or if there is a community clinic in your area contact them to see if they offer valtrex at a low or no cost to you. IMO if you don’t have health insurance you should definitely be signed up with a community clinic in case something does come up. For me I always feel better knowing I have a bottle of valtrex on hand in case I feel any tingling
  14. Sometimes i wonder if I’ll ever stop being angry at my giver. Unlike a lot of people I’m about 99% sure I know who gave me herpes. I take half the blame as I made the choice to not use a condom (even tho we did have a discussion about testing and being negative). But I am also pretty sure he knew he had herpes, and I also know he lied when I confronted him about being an escort in the past. He’s also lied about countless other things including having a gf while still trying to sleep with me. He just popped up on Tinder and I of course swiped left. But just today I noticed he messaged me
  15. @J.L2018 sorry to hear he made some insensitive comments, but if you think hes a quality person it is more than likely coming from a place of misinformation and stigma. You never know how he will react to your information about being a carrier. I thought FOR SURE an ex long time partner of mine would be cruel and disgusted by my HSV-2. So much so I blocked his number for over a year and ignored his other attempts to reach after I was diagnosed. A couple months ago after he had reached out again (like the 4th different kind of attempt over a year long period at least) I finally disclosed
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