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  1. Hello my sister was diagnosed yesterday with herpes, still not sure if the type waiting for that result to come in. I am here to get answers so I can help her best way possible. We live together and I have two small kids. I know nothing about herpes and am trying to educate myself as much as possible. She is having her first out break and she is in so much pain. I was wondering what you find most effective for pain. It hurts for her to sit down, walk, pee and pretty much anything. She just cries all day because she is in so much pain. We tried tea tree oil yesterday and it didn't help much. Another question... I know that it's mainly transferred through intimate contact but do I need to watch my kids and make sure they don't grab a washrag or towel that she has used or things like that? Anything information will be useful for us. Thanks so much.
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