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  1. I’m so sorry. It is so exhausting to be sick all the time with kids. It makes me feel guilty I can’t be the energetic mom I want to be. I actually am being monitored for MS bc some markers on my MRI’s show that I may have it and need to be monitored. Have you had any labs done to see if something else is going on? Since I quit coffee I feel so much better. I never thought I could quit coffee but I’m now glad I did. It was a huge trigger. If you’re able, look into Intestinal Edge on Amazon and TRS heavy metal detox by Coseva. I’ve read that herpes feeds on heavy metals and so getting rid of them can starve the virus. Also getting rid of yeast and parasites improves herpes. Good luck to you! I hope you find something that helps. ❤️
  2. Interestingly, it’s a parasite cleanse that I came across when researching natural remedies. It’s fascinating really bc in developed nations we don’t think parasites are a problem but they really are. I found the product on Amazon and it greatly helped my health for a while. I’m going to do it again once or twice a year.
  3. Yes I’ve spoken to several doctors and all they do is prescribe Valtrex. I recently quit taking Valtrex to experiment if maybe it’s lowering my overall immune system. I found something called Herp Rescue that I’m taking instead and it’s working! I’m also doing a heavy metal detox called TRS. Hopefully that’ll work as well. Doctors only prescribe medicine unfortunately so I just research and find natural remedies myself.
  4. I found out in 2014 after having 2 kids and being married for 7 years that I have HSV 2. I’ve mostly been in a constant state of outbreak ever since and I don’t understand why. And it’s not just a skin problem. It makes me sick. Nauseas, no energy, diarrhea, and very irritable. I’m getting so tired of it! I did have a break for a year in 2017 when I discovered Intestinal Edge. I didn’t have outbreaks or need Valtrex for a year but it has returned with a vengeance. I recently quit my beloved coffee bc that’s a trigger and I don’t drink alcohol anymore at all bc that’s also a trigger. I eat very healthy and exercise. I started the HSV eraser protocol 12 days ago but am fighting an outbreak today. My husband never has any issues. He drinks 1-2 drinks of whiskey every evening, coffee, little sleep and he’s fine. His is suppressed and he never takes Valtrex. Has anyone else had severe issues like this and found relief or discovered there was a separate problem complicating herpes? I’m very open to holistic healing. I’ve tried colonics and acupuncture as well. It seemed to help for a while but gets expensive!
  5. I had constant outbreaks for years as well. One thing that tremendously helped (as in I didn’t need Valtrex for an entire year) was doing an intestinal cleanse call Intestinal Edge. I bought it on Amazon. Good luck ❤️.
  6. So I was constantly in a state of outbreak for a couple years and was fed up. I came across a video on YouTube about parasite cleansing to reduce herpes outbreaks. Wouldn’t you know, after completing a parasite cleanse, I didn’t need Valtrex for an entire year and didn’t have any outbreaks! However, I’m back to square one now (almost 2 years later) and am struggling to stay outbreak-free. I’m afraid to do the parasite cleanses too often bc they’re harsh on the liver and I don’t want the virus to build an immunity to the cleanses. I’m considering trying TRS Heavy Metal Detox (zeolite). Has anyone else had success with parasite cleansing or TRS? And I know it’s not an actual cure but has anyone had less frequent outbreaks? Has resveratrol helped anyone’s outbreaks be much less frequent?
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