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  1. Hi all, I had a question regarding the “tingle” feeling one with hsv-2 has. I work out 5 times a week, eat healthy, ect. I do sit for 8 hours a day at a desk job. From research I have found that sitting can effect nerves and cause different sensations in your thigh area. (Sciatic nerve for example) I feel tingles in my lower butt, upper thigh, genitals on the outside (I am female), upper upper inner thighs (really whole thighs). When I feel the tingles, I readjust my body and the tingle stops or goes somewhere else. Could this simply be due to sitting all day vs. prodromes? Tingling mainly happens while sitting and/or legs crossed. Healthy BMI. My doctor thinks that psychologically, I’m overacting on what I think are prodromes and in turn causing sensations to occur. (Like thinking about being itchy somewhere on your body, and then causing an itch). He has prescribed me a med that in low doses, turns that off in my brain so I don’t cause this to happen. Would this play a part? Anything here would be great and appreciated! -Thanks!
  2. annalove, It’s interesting how similar our stories are. I also got HSV from someone from Tinder. He also tried to add me on Facebook. Of course I declined his request. He was really nice about it. However when I asked him about it, he said he didn’t have it. But without asking him, he said that he sometimes gets a pimple on his lip. Which is a sign you may have herpes. Based on the conversation, I think he knew something was up, but was in denial about what it was (or possibly could be) and getting it checked out. It’s frustrating. My anxiety excellorated to the point where I could not sleep. I went to therapy (not just for herpes). Even for a short period as you figure out all this, could be beneficial to you. However there’s plenty of people who don’t go. Which it totally fine. Just wanted to let you know you’re not the only one. Be angry, be frustrated, but don’t beat up yourself too much. Forgive yourself. Remember, this doesn’t define you! Good luck!
  3. Hello, I would suggest that you become confident in whatever STIs that you have. If you are unsure of what you have and don’t have, then it may become stressful for you and/or your partner. (Emotional health is important too!) Its important for the person to know specifically too. Good luck!
  4. I would say, if you get outbreaks around the time you get your period because of hormones, I may suggest birth control. My doctor offered to supply me with birth control that allows only a period every three months. Regarding anxiety and herpes..... I too struggle with anxiety. Working out is a great way to release some of that. I agree with what others have said above. I don’t know what kind of excersising you do, but if you really need to work out and have an outbreak, I would suggest lifting weights (with arms). There’d be less friction, if any at all. Working out is great, but meditation is great too for anxiety. I use it to strengthen my mind and train myself when anxious. In turn it calms your anxiety down, calming your anxiety down. I definitely see a difference with outbreaks. They are a lot less. I use in a spiritual, way not really chakra focused or anything like that way. I still get them during my period though. Regardless, it works for me and hope I was able to help out!
  5. Hello, I’ve had hvs for almost 3 years. I am familiar with prodome symptoms and herpes triggers. I couldn’t find much on duration of prodome symptoms. I sit at a desk all day. I will get a feeling of what I think might be herpes but for maybe 3 seconds and will not occur again that day. I don’t know if it’s just from sitting or herpes? I’ll feel some active nerves sometimes but again not for very long, 4 seconds. It’s not a sharp pain. Not really painful, more sensation. Herpes? Normal body functions? Sometimes dull pain under butt. But again lasts not very long. My vagina does get itchy. That at times I know is probably herpes. But shaving? A couple of days after I shave does itch. When the hair starts growing in the inner Libia by the cliterous it starts to Inch. (I get OBs there) But its normal for me to itch after shaving. Especially since the hair Hardin’s down there over time. How do I know it’s not a herpes trigger though? Normal itch? PH runs a little higher in my family says my mom. When we eat too much sugar, it gets itchy. (I think for people in general though too). I’m 24 and your body changes as you progress more into a woman. What’s normal sensations and not? When I feel a 3 second sensation, and if it is herpes and no outbreak am I infectious? Does herpes give only 3 second sensations and it’s done? Sometimes a sensation will happen more then once in a day, but not the same sensation but the same 3 second or less duration. I take daily suppression. I was talking to my doctor and she said that sensations were normal in the vagina because of the changes that take place in general. Help! Sorry for the lengthy descriptions. Still figuring it out fully! -Thanks!!
  6. Tea tree oil helps with my itching, herpes or not.
  7. I would like a buddy! I am 24 years old. I’ve had hvs2 did 2 years or so. I would like a female to be my buddy, perhaps around my age (but doesn’t have to be). I’m still having trouble figuring out my triggers. What’s a herpes trigger and what’s just normal pain or tingling (like from sitting for long periods of time, normal itching in the down town area, normal pain from tightly crossed legs for prolong time, ect). I’d like someone who could maybe educate me a little more who has had similar issues with knowing what’s herpes and what not and found out the difference. I am finally ready to put the effort into finding everything out and see the light at the end of this tunnel! Need some encouragement! -Thanks!
  8. I’ve heard that after orgasms for women, an outbreak can be triggered. Unfortunately, I believe that is a trigger for me. It’s happens not long after. Like maybe 10-15 minutes is when I start to feel some pain in my legs. I was wondering, has anyone be able to prevent an outbreak after the big O? Also... I take valtrex. I’ve been playing with the idea of changing my meds. I wanted to get my anxiety under control. I notice that the days I work out I don’t have the symptoms. However the days of the week that I don’t work out, I feel at least one pain that is herpes related. Work out 4 days a week. Rest 3 days. What’s the deal? -I’ve had herpes for 2 1/2 Years. Still haven’t figured it out yet. (Very frustrating) If anybody and give me anything about these topics above, I would be so thankful. —Thanks!!
  9. Hello, I’m thinking about switching from valtrex to acyclovir. (My prodrome symptoms are constant with valtrex) Is there a reason to give it a couple of weeks before taking a different antiviral? I’ve been on valtrex for about six months. I know I should discuss some things with my doctor, but should I wait a month with no medication before taking acyclovir? Is it a hormone thing? Any thoughts would be helpful! -Thanks!!!!
  10. Thanks for all of your posts. They we’re very helpful and relieving to know that it’s not just me!
  11. Valtrex causing Outbreaks? Hello, I’ve had genital herpes for almost two years. The past six months or so I’ve been taking valtrex without previous treatment. Before treatment I’d only have symptoms when I was having an outbreak. Now Although my outbreaks (if I have one, but not often) are now miner (cuts), I still have symptoms almost every day (like what I feel when I’m getting an outbreak. Pain in my thighs, tingles ect.). Maybe one day I didn’t feel a symptom. I currently struggle with anxiety and getting help for it. *I think the symptoms are less but still they happen every day. I’m trying to watch my diet and balance the arginine and lysine (doing my best but struggling). I’ve read that others have issues with valtrex. I may try acyclovir. I haven’t read too many details on other people with issues with valtrex. If anybody can educate me on this it would greatly be appreciated! Thanks! I also walk for an hour three times a week (usually). Also, below my butt I feel a nerve twinge once or twice an stops. Doesn’t hurt, I just feel it. Herpes symptoms? Or just nerves? —Thanks!!
  12. Hello, I am struggling with my HVS-2. I’m struggling with what exactly my triggers are. I know that it’s different for everyone, but didn’t know if there’s anyone who has had anything similar to my issues. -Taking supplements B12, A, D3, zinc, lysine, valtrex 500mg X2 daily. (C makes it worse) Q: am I missing one? I know my period (or the stress that it causes) is I’d definitely a trigger. Sometimes I get symptoms before during and after, with outbreaks either during, before or after. Q: for those who’s period is also a trigger (or not a trigger), what can I do to prevent sympotoms and outbreaks during this time? (ADHD) I know that taking amphetamine salts definitely give me outbreaks so I’ve stopped with that. But, I take the generic form of Concerta daily at the lowest dose. (Stimulant) Q: can this also be a trigger? Does anyone else have this issue? I don’t have sex or masterbate. Q: if climaxing or sex in general is a trigger, how can I prevent outbreaks and symptoms? Is there a specific type (brand specifically) of lube that will best benefit me in the future? I’ve had HVS-2 for two years. During which I had several outbreaks during the beginning. After the first year, I only had OBs once a month. Sometime two if I was stressed. (No working out or changing my diet). When I got on Valtrex 500mg dailyx2, I started having more occurring outbreaks. They were shorter(would practically be healed once blisters opened), but none the less there. I’ve been taking these for about 3 months (I’ve had 5-7 or so outbreaks). This last month I’ve have symptoms every day. Tingles in the bottom of my butt, itchy nerve pain, Ect. I’ve just about have had enough. Last week I had an outbreak and this week I’m having an outbreak. What gives? I have been drinking a little more coffee and not watching my diet as much. But even so, this has never been this constant since the beginning. I’ve seen other posts where this is also an issue. I started working out (day 3)I’ve talked to my doctor and said we could try a different medication. Q: (I know it’s different with everyone) does anyone have a suggested daily replacement? Is there one?
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