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  1. I watched that yesterday. Awesome message.
  2. Just an update - things are still going great with the guy. Soon after the post we slept together and have been having tons of the most amazing sex ever since. We talk or see each other every day. He regularly tells me how crazy he is about me and how much he cares about me. He wants to meet my sister and brother in law this weekend, since they live in town. Yay! Sometimes I wonder if the best thing that could've happened to me and this relationship is H. I doubt I would've gone into it the same way, so slowly and carefully and I truly think it made all the difference.
  3. Some of you may recall my first post - don't worry, I'm not going to post a monthly update :) Although there have been good days and bad, I still say the good ones have outweighed the bad. Most of the bad days have been when I was stressed about having to disclose at some point. Over the past few days I've been watching the "Herpes Talk Success Stories" post count hoping someone would post one so I could get another fix of encouragement. Turns out my own story will be the next one. My apologies in advance for the length but I really hope this will encourage people. In the first post I men
  4. Nigella

    Herpes 1

    HSV1 *does* shed too, folks. Paragraph 6 of this study confirms it: http://jid.oxfordjournals.org/content/198/8/1098.full So anywhoo, they're not different aside from stigma.
  5. Stress has an amazing affect on the body. If you are stressed out about getting H, that could be leading to irregular periods. But definitely talk to your doctor. The one time I was late on my period was during an extremely stressful time in my life, where I also experienced unintended weight loss, thinning hair, and even a hives breakout! When I called my Dr. about the period (and pregnancy was a possibility) they were like "Oh no big deal, that's normal." without the stress in consideration. It was only after it came late and the other effects came along that we realized it was stress relate
  6. So you recently had a baby…I wonder if that is causing stress and then in turn causing more OBs? And you mentioned being more irritable… could be more hormonal than anything. Although a beautiful experience obviously many women experience stress after giving birth, even months in… maybe that's leading to the OBs? I'd talk to your OBGYN about that and also to ease your mind about side effects w breast feeding. I'm sure they wouldn't advise taking it if there were risks…? Ultimately the most important thing is a happy mom - makes for happy baby :) Glad you're feeling better and surely with
  7. Lara - I have a question about your OB's being more frequent lately: are have you been on supressive meds for the year or for quite some time and they are ramping up? Or no meds and they are ramping up? Just curious.
  8. You had me at "Herpe Anniversary!" Hilarious. And absolutely beautiful post.
  9. Absolutely what caligirl said. Force yourself to spend time alone and do things on your own. Go see an exhibit at a museum. Go to a movie by yourself. Commit yourself to a new exercise routine or plan a fun trip somewhere - alone or with your best friend. Instead of wanting to date someone ELSE, pretend as though you're dating YOURSELF. I know some of these things sound absurd and unbearable bc you fear people will look at your and wonder what the heck you're doing all by yourself, but actually, when people see someone out doing something on their own they're impressed and curious. Take yourse
  10. James - what is the perception abroad on Herpes? When I told my best friend (American) who lives in Italy, she said that it seems as europeans don't tend to think of it as a big deal. She told her Italian boyfriend what I was going through and he was like… "So?"
  11. Is it just peanuts you should avoid or all nuts (walnuts, almonds, pistaccios, etc)?
  12. Danielle this encourages me soooo much. I know I'm going to have to do the same thing soon. I'm dreading it. I have faith in the person, but it is just so nerve-wracking to reveal that to someone you don't want to see walk away and then wait for their response. My take on it is this: H is personal and for me is only something I'm going to reveal to people who I deeply trust. As I'm getting to know this person, I want to learn as much as I can about him too, and if I learn anything that wouldn't be a fit for me (judgemental, anger management, unreliability, etc) then I'll see that we shou
  13. Your doctor said that? Is that your primary care doc or elsewhere? I would imagine that Planned Parenthood would give the test if he simply asked based on your situation. I would tell him to insist on getting tested. He has the right to know. Also, you might want to start taking daily Valtrex suppression right away. Then if he finds out that he doesn't have H and you all choose to continue without condoms, the changes of transmission are a lot lower. If you take Valtrex daily and use condoms it's like a 1% chance of transmission. I don't think he's any more or less at risk just because yo
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