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  1. @HikingGirl i know you said you hadn’t you one done. If your done mind me asking .... how long after possibles exposure did you have it done and IT just said positive? Guess I’m overthinking this
  2. Western blot came back negative for hsv2. Terri said i will most likely always test positive
  3. So let me try to make a long story short. I got tested in July and everything was negative with the exception of hsv1. Dated a guy over the summer and decided since he was a bit shady to get checked again in November. I never had any symptoms just wanted to get checked. Hsv1 was positive (I’ve always had it). Hav2 was equivocal at .97. Fast forward forward to early December... got retested for hav2 and came back positive at 1.38. This was now about 12 weeks post exposure. I went a little cazy and got checked 3 more times. The week after it was at 1.62, then 1.33, and then 1.58. I decided since it was still still low to get a western blot done. I contacted Terri Warren and went ahead with the test. Just got my results back. Hsv1 positive but hsv2 NEGATIVE. Terri said will probably always test positive for hsv2 but i don’t actually have it. Just thought i would share.
  4. @teeKay what was you IgG at? Was that affected by the Valtrex at all?
  5. @teekay. Did I‎t cause your numbers to be really low?
  6. Me too.. and after speaking to Terri, it seems that 12 weeks is actually ok to do the western blot... we shall see
  7. That's great!.. glad it worked out for you.
  8. jm6

    False positive

    I just read this. I was with someone about 13 weeks ago....long story short I decided to get tested. I was equivocal for HSV2 at .97 at about 7 weeks. At 11 weeks I was 1.38, at 12 weeks 1.62 (at this point my doctor put me on valtrex even though I had no symptoms) and then at 13 weeks my IgG came back at 1.33. I spoke to Terri Warren and she told me that the only way to know for certain is to go ahead with the western blot which is what I will be doing.
  9. Here's my situation.. I've already spoken to Terri and I am going ahead with the WB to confirm HSV2. But I am now 13 weeks out. In November at about 8 weeks my igg was .97. then at 11 weeks it was 1.38, at 12 weeks it was 1.62, at this point I started the valtrex (which was Wednesday of last week), then Monday I had another igg test at 13 weeks and it came back at 1.33. I don't know if the valtrex would cause it to drop or if this is considered normal variation. Maybe I'm just slow at building antibodies but I am 13 weeks out and have only been on the meds for 1 week.
  10. and thanks for getting back to me :)
  11. Thanks.. but it shouldn't lower the number right? I can understand it affecting the ability to build more antibodies but it should not lower your number if you are already positive... or am I wrong?
  12. Does taking Valtrex affect IgG numbers?
  13. This was great to read! I am newly diagnosed and the thought of having to disclose makes me sick. I was seeing someone when I found out and told him. He told me he was ok with it but by the next day he said he wasn't. Hopefully this will change for me. Thanks!
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